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3 Ways Parents Shape Their Kids' Emotional Intelligence Without Realizing It

Hint: It all has to do with how parents express their OWN emotions.

Marc Brackett, Ph.D.
September 4 2019

4 Things Everybody Gets Wrong About Attachment Styles

Attachment styles are a great way to understand your personality—but it's not perfect.

Andrea Glik, LMSW
August 25 2019

A Study About Fishing Just Taught Us A Big Lesson About Routines

Routines are comforting. But they're not always what's good for you.

Kelly Gonsalves
July 29 2019

Is Negativity Coming Up When You Meditate? Here's How To Work Through It

Meditation teacher Adreanna Limbach shares how to make space for your demons on the mat.

Adreanna Limbach
July 13 2019

I'm On A Wellness Journey But My Partner Is Not — Here's How I Handle

What to do when you're focusing in on personal development, but your partner just isn't into it.

Kelli Reese
July 11 2019

This Personality Type Struggles With Job Interviews — But Here's How To Nail 'Em

"The key is balancing your introverted strengths with a touch of borrowed, extroverted energy."

Jane Finkle
May 31 2019

What To Do When Your Mindfulness Practice Just Isn't Working

Sometimes things just don't click. Here's what to do next.

Meryl Davids Landau
May 26 2019

3 Steps For Jump-Starting Creativity

Hint: You don't have to buy anything.

Austin Kleon
April 26 2019

How To Use Your Intuition More, Instead Of Relying On Google All The Time

Messages from Spirit are personal whispers to us—not the collective.

Natalie Miles
April 13 2019