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A Master Herbalist's Guide To Pain-Free Periods

Cramps are not normal. Here are the herbs you should know about.

Kirsten Karchmer
December 9 2016

Turn Your Farmers Market Haul Into A Natural Beauty Apothecary With These Tricks

Seasonal ingredients are great for more than just this week's meals! Now that you’ve stocked up on fresh rosemary sprigs, dried lavender blooms, and...

Lindsay Cohn
November 25 2016

5 Herbs For A Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Detox

Post-Thanksgiving bloat? Trust us, we know the feeling.

Adriana Ayales
November 24 2016

Saffron Is The New Turmeric. Here's What You Need To Know

It might be a splurge, but it's worth it. Here are four ways to add saffron to your favorite meals.

Carolina Santos-Neves
November 9 2016

How To Detox For Your Body (According To Ancient Traditions)

Detoxing is an ancient process that dates back as far as written history.

Adriana Ayales
September 14 2016

In A Stressful Situation? 7 Medicinal Herbs To The Rescue

Overworked? Lovesick? These plants have got you covered.

Aruna M. Siewert
September 1 2016

I'm An Endurance Athlete. Here's Why I Smoke Weed To Optimize Performance

"In the past, I had relied on ibuprofen, but this seemed to do the job just as well — with fewer side effects."

Brock Cannon
August 20 2016

10 Cooling Teas That Are Packed With Health Benefits

The perfect afternoon pick-me-ups (that will also cool you down).

Cheryl Boiko
July 30 2016

The Healthy Way To Drink Rosé All Day

You'll want to keep the rose-raspberry syrup on hand all summer.

Morgan Yakus
July 21 2016

The One Spice I Always Recommend For Better Digestion: An M.D. Explains

Even if you've never heard of this spice before, you've probably eaten it in Indian food many times.

Amy Shah, M.D.
July 18 2016

A Chocolate "Fudgsicle" That's Actually Healthy

Go ahead, discover their synergy, and indulge in the deliciousness.

Julia Corbett
July 9 2016