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The Only 6 Tools You Need To Manifest Some Serious Magic

Mysticism isn't always about asking and receiving—it's more about staying centered, grounded, and open.

Erica Feldmann
April 18 2017

These Are The 5 Best Natural Remedies For Pain

There's a difference between healing pain and covering it up.

Cheryl Myers, R.N.
March 17 2017

The Anticipatory Hangover Cure + 6 Other Beauty Benefits Of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle, a natural herb that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is commonly used to detoxify the body, especially the liver.

Lindsay Cohn
January 28 2017

A Master Herbalist's Guide To Pain-Free Periods

Cramps are not normal. Here are the herbs you should know about.

Kirsten Karchmer, LAc
December 9 2016

Turn Your Farmers Market Haul Into A Natural Beauty Apothecary With These Tricks

Seasonal ingredients are great for more than just this week's meals! Now that you’ve stocked up on fresh rosemary sprigs, dried lavender blooms, and...

Lindsay Cohn
November 25 2016

5 Herbs For A Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Detox

Post-Thanksgiving bloat? Trust us, we know the feeling.

Adriana Ayales
November 24 2016