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6 Natural Beauty Tips to Look and Feel Good

Do you want to look and feel good? Here's how you can do so the natural way.

Angelina Helene
June 11 2012

Nutritional & Spiritual Tips to Boost Your Sex Drive

When we’re worn out or undernourished (in any way), the body’s innate intelligence will shut down procreative impulses.

Ciel Grove
June 9 2012

6 Green Beauty Recipes Straight From Your Kitchen

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it directly into our bloodstreams.

Melissa Rousseau
May 29 2012

How Sex Can Be a Portal to the Divine

This is the essence of conscious, powerful sex: using our intimate connection to transform our lives.

Kim Anami
May 26 2012

7 Steps to Naturally Conquer Allergies

Here are some easy ways to beat allergies this and every Spring.

The Basics of Herbs: Cooking Cheat Sheet

Herbs are great to cook with, but pairing the right herb with the food you're cooking can often be a challenge. Here's a simple cheat sheet that my...

Jason Wachob
May 19 2012

5 Herbs for Arthritis & Joint Pain

Herbs have the power to treat inflammation, cleanse the blood, and strengthen the body.

Amy Jirsa
May 15 2012

9 Natural Remedies for the Common Cold

These at-home treatments can make a big difference.

Heather Moday, M.D.
April 10 2012

5 Herbs for Internal Spring Cleaning

Jump on the inspirational surge of energy and give your body a good spring cleaning.

Amy Jirsa
March 19 2012

7 Must-Have Herbs for Yogis

Every yogi should have these herbs in their all-natural arsenal.

Amy Jirsa
March 5 2012