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6 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Over the years I've watched as my group of friends have paired off and gotten married. I myself have a wedding in four months, but it was in the...

Ilyssa Wexler
March 21 2012

10 Life Lessons From Albert Einstein

I love Albert Einstein and I love Paulo Coelho. So when Coelho posted these ten lessons from Einstein on his blog I was immediately sold :)

Jason Wachob
March 20 2012

5 Easy Things You Can Do to Change the World

"I can change the world... with my own two hands." ~ Ben Harper

Jen Kluczkowski
March 16 2012

6 Ways to Offer Love, Comfort and Strength

13 days ago (but who’s counting?) I found out I would be on bed rest for at least 12 weeks. The bed rest relates to my pregnancy –with twins! – and is...

Bridget Riepl
March 14 2012

Let's Start a Positive Trend Together

Normally I do entries that have something to do with exercise, eating, or life situations. I hope you don't mind but I would like to rant a bit. I...

Gabby Reece
March 9 2012

8 Creative Ways to Share Yoga with Children

As a kid's yoga teacher, I get the chance to explore artistic, creative ways of sharing the practice and its benefits everyday. What’s more, working...

Alexandra Moga
March 5 2012

All You Need Is Already Within You

There are two very basic, fundamental truths that I often overlook in my everyday life: I am human, and I am part of a global community. I forget that...

March 2 2012

The Spirituality of Addiction

With the profoundly sad and untimely death of several high profile celebrities recently flooding the media, addiction has been on the minds of many. I...

Maria Mooney, MSW, LSW
February 26 2012

20 Inspiring Quotes to Keep Things in Perspective

Do you recall hearing a song, phrase, or passage that resonated with you in some profound way that articulated exactly how you're feeling? As if the...

Jen Nicomedes Stone
February 20 2012

Where Have All The Real People Gone?

I have just finished reading a wonderful book called, The Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. For at least a decade now, I have treated all...

Molly Robertson
February 17 2012

Creating a Culture Built on Kindness

Imagine a world, where the currency was kindness, rather than dollar bills. Imagine that we rewarded people with acts of kindness and well-being for...

Cat O'Connor
February 14 2012

5 Tips to Unlearn & Liberate Yourself

Unlearning is the intentional letting go of what we have learned and the openness to explore our own personal truths and be liberated from our past...

Maria Mooney, MSW, LSW
February 9 2012

16 Crazy Sexy Diet Tips

Here are sixteen of my favorite crazy and sexy tips for supercharged and healthy living.

Kris Carr
February 9 2012

We Are All One: We Belong to Each Other

There is a level of understanding, of knowingness in all of us. An understanding, albeit often subconscious, that there is a connection to something...

Cat O'Connor
February 1 2012

3 Yoga Lessons to Incorporate into Your Everyday Life

Here are three of my favorite life lessons from yoga which anyone can take off the mat and into their everyday lives:

10 Tips to Boost Your Mood & Get Happy Right Now!

Our daily lives can be happier, as in a brighter, with a more positive outlook on our current situation and on the world around us. To say being happy...

Lisa Pool
January 19 2012

Happy Martin Luther King Day: 7 Inspirational Quotes

It's Martin Luther King day and here are seven of my favorite quotes from the inspirational icon:

Jason Wachob
January 16 2012

Laughing Matters: 5 Tips to Rise Above Any Situation

If you are feeling stuck in life, or looking for a solution to a sticky problem consider tapping into the mini you.

Shannon Kaiser
January 10 2012

Fundamental Goodness Revolution

As we prepare to ring in 2012, it is time to reflect on the events of 2011. In a yoga class a while back, the instructor was talking about being...

Laura Swim
December 31 2011