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13 Dangerous Toxins To Avoid In Your Food

You can’t reach for a fork these days without hearing about one toxic food trouble or another. To take a significant bite out of the potential dangers...

How Processed Foods Are Killing You One Bite At A Time

So, you know processed foods are bad for you, right? But do you really know how factory foods deplete your body and mind? Need some additional...

Brandon Sewall
May 28 2013

A Reminder That GMOs Are Terrible (Infographic)

A scant 60 years ago, scientists had just discovered the shape and structure of DNA, so in some respects it's quite impressive that today's...

May 9 2013

How To Shop For Safe Supplements & Vitamins

Did you know that unlike drug products, the FDA does not “approve” dietary supplements for safety or effectiveness before they are sold?

Are GMOs Killing You? What Agrobusiness Doesn't Want You To Know

Science fiction has long been captivated with the romance of genetic engineering, but so many of these stories end with the humbling triumph of nature...

Isaac Eliaz, M.D., LAc
April 5 2013

Whole Foods To Require Labels On All GMO Foods

Three cheers for Whole Foods! The grocery store announced that it will require labeling of all genetically modified foods sold in stores, beginning in...

March 11 2013

10 Foods You Should Never Buy

Ever wonder who the villains are in the grocery store? Here are my top ten:

Why I'll Never Eat Margarine Or Buttery Spreads Again

I was led to believe by marketing campaigns, advertisements, and labels reading “healthy” that margarine is better for you – were you? When I first...

Beth Anderson
January 22 2013

6 Simple Things To Optimize Your Health

Want to get healthier this year? Start with these six easy steps:

Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.
January 2 2013

10 Best Things to Happen to Food in 2012

It’s almost the end of the year and time to review this year’s food news.

Beth Anderson
December 16 2012

5 Ways to Avoid GMOs

California was obviously duped…who would willingly give up their right to know what’s in their food?

Maria Marlowe
December 7 2012