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Make THESE Changes To Your Diet For A Calmer, Healthier Fall, According To Ayurveda

A few ayurvedic shifts to make you feel calmer, healthier, and happier

Liz Moody
September 6 2019

Ayurvedic Secrets To Staying Cool During Sweaty Summer Commutes

Consider the days of showing up to work soaking wet behind you.

Emma Loewe
July 30 2019

Here's What You Should Drink & What To Avoid, According To Ayurveda

Plus, general hydration tips based on ayurvedic principles.

Sarah Kucera, D.C.
May 10 2019

How To Make The Most Of Your Sunday, According To Ayurveda

Find out your doshic constitution and figure out what works for you!

Caroline Muggia
April 21 2019

Understanding The Four Types Of Digestion Is The KEY To Healing Your Gut

Harness the power of ayurveda to say goodbye to bloating and digestive distress.

Jasmine Hemsley
January 22 2019

This Ayurvedic Morning Routine Will Help You Feel Grounded & Balanced All Day Long

It's all about blending the ancient and the modern.

Sahara Rose
December 11 2018