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Strawberry Skies with Rumi

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky."

Robert Sturman
April 3 2012

Why Not?

"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. "

Robert Sturman
March 31 2012

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

So you've written a book, created a piece of amazing art or whatever and now it comes time to share it with the world. However something strange is...

Josh Langley
March 7 2012

Get Your Star Wars Yoga On!

Do you love yoga? Do you love Star Wars? Well, now you can have both thanks to this brilliant Star Wars Yoga Collection from Rob Osborne on Etsy :)

February 29 2012

7 Awesome & Inspirational Works of Art

I love art, especially art that has an inspirational message. Here are seven of my favorites that will hopefully inspire you as well.

Jason Wachob
January 11 2012

LA Yoga & Fashion Merge with YogaPoser at Fred Segal

Whether it be art, fashion, or professional sports, I love it when yoga crosses over into other worlds. Suffice to say, I think it's pretty awesome...

Jason Wachob
December 28 2011

Yoga + Art Basel = YogArt

I love yoga and I love art. And when you merge the two -- well, it can be pretty awesome.

Jason Wachob
December 2 2011

Before and After Photos: A Month of Meditation

Don't think that meditation can make an observable difference in your life and appearance? This series of photos that Peter Seidler took before and...

October 28 2011

The Link Between Artists & Yogis

My creative ideas wake me up at odd hours of the night. Unborn, they push and strain to pop into the world, and they won't let me rest again until I...

Nadine Fawell
September 26 2011

Feng Shui and The Artist's Way

My work with feng shui has always been about helping people to design their dream lives, and every dream life is creative. Doing feng shui in...

Dana Claudat
August 30 2011

Live Colorfully: 5 Ways to Make the World Your Canvas

What is colorful living? Well, the old house that I grew up in had this hideous turquoise carpet in the kitchen, I don't mean this colorfully. Who...

Katie Ryan
June 28 2011

7 Helpful Tips to Get Creative, Get Happy

No one's gonna do it for you. For so many years I existed in this world as a closet creative. I had a deep attraction to all things artsy from,...

Cecili Simmons
June 27 2011

Priciest Yoga Art in World: Kate Moss by Marc Quinn

I love the concept of 'Art for Good.' Two of my favorite artists in the category are Peter Tunney, and my friend CAM (I love his Ganesh series)....

Jason Wachob
May 14 2011

7 Awesome Gratitude Quotes

I think we'd all agree that expressing gratitude daily is something we can always improve upon. Here are seven of my favorite quotes on what many...

Jason Wachob
May 9 2011

Helena Christensen's Art for Good in Spain

Art for Good is one of my personal favorites among our 2011 Wellness Trends to Watch so it's so great to see Helena Christensen's new exhibit on the...

Jason Wachob
March 16 2011

Peter Tunney's Inspirational Art

I was in Miami this past weekend and pleasantly stumbled upon artist, Peter Tunney, whose work is filled with inspirational messages, which I...

Jason Wachob
February 15 2011

8 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2011

2010 was a big year for wellness, but I think 2011 is going to be bigger. Get your green juice ready, roll out the yoga mat, and take an inventory of...

Jason Wachob
December 30 2010

Art Basel 2010: MindBodyGreen Recap

Every December for the past four years, Colleen and I head to Art Basel in Miami to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and to be inspired by some of the...

Jason Wachob
December 6 2010

2011 TED Prize Winner: Guerrilla Artist JR

TED just announced the recipient of their seventh annual $100,000 TED Prize, and it's an unexpected choice: JR (self-portrait above). He's a somewhat...

October 20 2010