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7 Ways To Tap Into The Sensual & Steadying Energy Of The Taurus New Moon

The new moon in Taurus waves its eco-chic wand and casts an emerald spell over our lives.

How To Use Ayurveda To Balance Your Chakras: An Intro Guide

Beyond being a physical practice, Ayurveda can also be considered within the chakra framework.

Do You Really Need Your Exact Birth Time For A Zodiac Chart? Astrologers Answer

You may have wondered, does it really need to be down to the minute?

Sarah Regan
May 6

Spring Awakening In The Air This Week: Astrologers Explain Why

Ardent Venus flits into Gemini on Saturday—and it could spur some sultry exchanges.

A Spiritual Teacher's Daily Ritual To Calm Anxiety (+ Her Go-To Playlist)

There's always room to connect with yourself—even if it's just for a minute.

Jason Wachob
April 28

How To Stop Stress Dreams For Good, According To Dream Readers

Stress dreams are far from uncommon, but they can be prevented.

Sarah Regan
April 20

Taurus Season Is Here: How To Work With Its Sensual, Steadfast Energy

The sensual, steadfast Bull helps us prioritize the practical—with a side of pleasure.

The AstroTwins
April 19