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2021's Eclipse Season Starts This Week: What Astrologers Want You To Know

The job of these eclipses is to reveal disparities and bring them into the dialogue.

15 Signs You're Having A Kundalini Awakening + What It Means

Heads up: They can also be overwhelming if you're not prepared.

Sarah Regan
May 18

Astrologers Say This Week Is Going To Be A Walk On The Romantic Side

As we cruise into Gemini season, all signs point to a loving week ahead.

A Beginner's Guide To 10 Types Of Crystals & How To Use Each Of Them

From amethyst to zincite, there is a whole alphabet of crystals available on the market today.

Sarah Regan
May 12

7 Ways To Tap Into The Sensual & Steadying Energy Of The Taurus New Moon

The new moon in Taurus waves its eco-chic wand and casts an emerald spell over our lives.

How To Use Ayurveda To Balance Your Chakras: An Intro Guide

Beyond being a physical practice, Ayurveda can also be considered within the chakra framework.