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8 Unexpected Ways To Practice Gratitude That Aren't Journaling

Celebrate National Gratitude Month to increase the good vibes in your life.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
November 4 2019

November's Astrological Forecast Is In & There's Some Shadiness In Store

The month's usual dose of intrigue gets an extra dollop of intensity this year.

The AstroTwins
November 1 2019

The Spiritual Reason Some Relationships Feel More Intense Than Others

All your burning questions about twin flame relationships, answered.

Krista Soriano
October 28 2019

7 Tips To Make The Most Of The Year's Only New Moon In Scorpio

Ready for an extreme makeover…or maybe just a notable shift?

The AstroTwins
October 27 2019

The One Thing People Get Wrong About Destiny, According To A Shaman

"Life does not unfold by chance. It is built upon the choices we make."

Shaman Durek
October 15 2019

Eyes Up: The Upcoming Full Moon In Aries May Inspire Some Major Self-Love

This lunar lift dares you to put your authentic and 100% amazing self out there.

The AstroTwins
October 7 2019

The Morning Routine Gabrielle Bernstein Loves For Getting Out Of A Rut

"Appreciating what you do have puts you in the right state of mind to receive better opportunities."

Gabrielle Bernstein
October 5 2019

Colorful Visualizations To Help You Work Through Anxious Moments

When you're asked to create new images on command, it can serve as a distraction from stressful thoughts.

Deganit Nuur, DAOM
October 1 2019

Monthly Horoscope: Here's What's Written In The Stars This October

Learn why the 7th, 13th, and 23rd are all key dates.

The AstroTwins
October 1 2019

Ring In Fall With These 6 Rituals For Forgiveness & Joy

As we move into the fall equinox, the time is right to meditate on how to forgive and move on from a place of acceptance.

Barbara Biziou
September 23 2019