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Keep Your Eyes On This Woman Making Waves In The Publishing Industry

This self-published woman was able to raise over a million dollars.

Sarah Regan
March 18

A Story Of Resilience In New York City's Homelessness Crisis

A glimpse into a young girl's personal experience with the inequalities ever-present in America.

Ryan Brady
November 1 2021
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How One Kentucky Scholarship Program is Easing Student Loan Stress

How one Kentucky scholarship program is lowering the cost of college.

Jennifer Tzeses
May 13 2021

This Social Activist Wants You To Use "Micro-Gestures" To Make A Difference

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the weight of social issues. Enter micro-gestures.

Jason Wachob
March 26 2021

An On-The-Ground Look At The Water Crisis In Tanzania + How To Help

What it's like working in a community where 75% of households lack access to clean water.

Burhani M. Mustapha
March 25 2021
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How Can We Be More Effective At Inspiring Social Change?

First step: understanding the hidden caste system across the world.

Devon Barrow
March 18 2021

How To Combine Spirituality & Activism This International Women's Day

Sacred activism explores the overlap of inner transformation and systemic change.

Sarah Regan
March 8 2021

Long Voting Lines? Try These 7 Expert-Backed Tips For Your Body & Mind

Waiting in line is worth it: Here's how to make it as pleasant as possible.

Eliza Sullivan
October 27 2020

Social Justice Movements Aren't Complete Without This Key Component

Feminism has a history of racism. Intersectionality is the only path forward.

Eliza Sullivan
September 2 2020

Why A Holistic Approach Is Necessary To Address Food Insecurity

How it affects communities and how to address the issues.

Abby Moore
August 26 2020

How To Communicate With The Deaf Community While Wearing A Mask

Face masks are a barrier to communication for the deaf community—here's how to help.

Abby Moore
August 2 2020

The Outdoors Has A Diversity Problem: This Woman Wants To Change That

"When I go to a national park, it doesn't look like America."

Emma Loewe
July 24 2020