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21 Women Explain What Sex Feels Like For Them, In Case You're Curious

"Orgasms give me a floating sensation with tingling on my skin and visual explosions of light exploding throughout my body."

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
April 24 2021

28 Expert-Approved Sex Toys For Couples To Try In 2022

We're sure something on this list will do the trick.

Sarah Regan
April 21 2021

This Is One Of The Most Common Excuses For Skipping Out On Sex

Sleep loss can negatively affect our physical connection and intimacy.

Wendy Troxel, Ph.D.
April 20 2021

Questions About Vibrators? Consider Them Answered — We Asked The Experts

Vibrators can make an excellent addition to both solo and couples' play.

Sarah Regan
March 28 2021

14 Signs You're Sexually Frustrated & How To Deal With It

Sexual frustration can happen whether you're single or in a relationship.

Farrah Daniel
March 26 2021

Are You Not A Very Sexual Person? You Might Resonate With This Term

People who don't tend to experience a lot of sexual attraction to others might resonate with this term.

Stephanie Barnes
March 24 2021

Some Couples Believe This Sexual Practice Brings Them Closer

Fluid bonding can be practiced safely with a little thoughtfulness and precautions.

Farrah Daniel
March 21 2021

Everything To Know About Having Sex Outdoors, In Case You're Curious

There's something wonderfully primal and mystical about doing the deed in the great outdoors.

Sarah Regan
March 6 2021

This Lesser-Known Type Of Sex Toy May Take Your Orgasms To The Next Level

This lesser-known sex toy can offer new kinds of thrills.

Stephanie Barnes
February 28 2021