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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Swinging, In Case You're Curious

Swinging can be a fun way for couples to bond over sharing thrilling sexual adventures.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
January 15

How To Turn Someone On: An Extremely Hot, Detailed Guide

The ultimate guide to turning someone on—mind, body, and soul.

Julie Nguyen
January 5

The Best Sex Advice We Heard In 2021, From Neuroscientists, Sexologists & More

"Sex is like going to the playground. It's the outing that counts, not whether you go down the slide."

Kelly Gonsalves
December 27 2021

Not Into P-in-V Sex? This Type Of Sex Might Be For You

Outercourse is any non-penetrative sexual act, and it's fun.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
December 21 2021

How To Actually Nail The 69 Position, Because It's A Classic For A Reason

It can take a little trial and error, but once you get it, oh baby.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
December 7 2021

What Exactly Is Sex Therapy, Anyway? Here's What Happens In A Session

Anyone can benefit from working with a sex therapist.

Farrah Daniel
November 29 2021

This Underrated Sex Position Might Make It Easier For Women To Orgasm

Let's talk about an underrated classic: the reverse cowgirl.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
November 20 2021

The One Mistake Couples Always Make When Trying To Improve Their Sex Life

Why do we always focus on *frequency* as a marker of a good sex life?

Kelly Gonsalves
November 10 2021

A Sex Therapist's Guide To Falling In Love With Your Masturbation Practice

Masturbation is a glorious experience to get to know your own body, how it works, and to bring yourself pleasure. And yet, it often feels like a weird...

Rachel Wright, LMFT
November 8 2021

Are We Having Enough Sex? A Sex Therapist Explains How To Know

Here's how a sex therapist would answer this question.

Kelly Gonsalves
October 18 2021

Apparently Stress Can Mess With Your Sex Hormones: 7 Tips From An OB/GYN To Help

When one hormone is off, then many others get thrown off (including sex hormones).

Wendie Trubow, M.D., MBA
October 13 2021

Over 40 & Low Libido? How To Increase Intimacy, From An OB/GYN

Aside from being uncomfortable, vaginal dryness may also lead to low libido.

Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz M.D.
October 12 2021

5 Unexpected Ways Reach Orgasm—That Don't Involve The Clitoris

The clitoris is still your BFF, but here are some other ways to play.

Rachel Wright, LMFT
September 23 2021