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10 Yoga Sequences For Every Mood

However you're feeling right now, we have the best yoga sequence for YOU.

Gabrielle Frank
January 31 2016

Stretch Your Entire Body With This 60-Second Yoga Sequence

All it takes is 60 seconds to stretch and wake up your entire body.

Lauren Imparato
February 9 2016

A Quick Yoga Sequence To Help You Start Your Day

Everyone has 60 seconds to spare. This week, use it for some quality yoga.

Lauren Imparato
February 8 2016

A 1-Minute Yoga Sequence To Help You Unwind

Long day? Relax with 60 seconds of yoga.

Lauren Imparato
February 12 2016

A Yoga Sequence To Tone Your Core

A 60-second yoga video to help you build a strong core.

Lauren Imparato
February 11 2016

Jumpstart Your Home Yoga Practice + Save Time & Money!

I often hear yogis contemplate and then dismiss home yoga practice. Sometimes, I'm even privy to their 'tried that and failed' home yoga anecdote. And...

Kate Connell
May 13 2014

Try This 2-Minute Yoga Workout To Beat Stress & Anxiety

There is no point in trying to ignore stress. Doing so will likely just make you more anxious. In my upcoming book, RETOX, I dedicate an entire...

Lauren Imparato
October 1 2015

3 Yoga Sequences To Beat Stress & Strengthen Your Core

Stress builds up. Break it down with these three yoga sequences.

Robin Berzin, M.D.
April 25 2016

Sequencing: The Holy Grail of Yoga (And Life)

Yoga teachers talk a lot about sequencing. Sometimes they speak about it with awe and reverence. Many attend workshops to learn more. When yoga...

Silvia Mordini
June 17 2012

10-Minute Morning Yoga Tone-Up (Video)

There's nothing like a great morning yoga sequence to get you out of bed with comfort, balance, and ease. Join Julie Wilcox for this 10-minute morning...

Julie Wilcox
April 26 2013

How To Create A Really Great Yoga Sequence

I just returned from a service trip in Africa where I was surprised and beyond delighted to see that, because of the presence of the Africa Yoga...

Dana Flynn
March 4 2014

A Pre-Natal Yoga Sequence You Can Do At Home Every Day

While I was pregnant nothing felt better than getting some exercise and moving my body. For the majority of my pregnancy I was able to keep up with my...

Sara Jane Mercer
November 18 2013

Fall Asleep In Minutes With This Bedtime Yoga Sequence

Feeling tense before bed? Roll out your yoga mat and feel your body instantly relax with this 4-minute yoga sequence.

Ellen Vora, M.D.
July 2 2016

5 Tips for Yoga Sequencing

When I was a new yoga teacher, I had a lot on my mind: alignment, instruction, room temperature, offering modifications, building connection with my...

Karen Fabian
January 25 2012