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How To Be An Authentic Yoga Teacher (And Avoid The "Yoga Voice")

The difference between being a good instructor and a great teacher is authenticity. Instructors pass on skill; teachers share and inspire knowledge....

Daniel Scott
April 17 2014

6 Women With Awesome Hair On Their No-Heat, Air-Drying Techniques

With all different hair types and lengths, to boot.

Lindsay Kellner
April 28 2019

Why COVID Is A Mental Health Trigger, Whether You've Had Previous Issues Or Not

The mental toll the pandemic is taking will affect everyone, one way or another.

Abby Moore
August 29

Your Essential Guide To Minimalist Packing

Here's the ultimate guide to decluttering your case of duds and adopting a more minimalist packing mentality.

Emma Loewe
January 12 2017

What Is A Sankalpa Practice + How Can It Help You Live With Intention?

Let’s be honest, the hustle and bustle of daily life can distract even the most calm and focused person. From our mounting to-do lists and important...

Catriona Pollard
May 25 2015

10 Tips For Becoming A Faster Runner

You'll ace your next race.

Leigh Weingus
February 17 2017

I've Never Been Able To Tolerate Collagen Powder Before — Until This

Collagen and I have a long history, and not always a good one.

Angie Caruso
August 6

How To Actually Get Out Of Bed For Your Early Morning Workout

Your snooze button doesn't stand a chance.

Katya Meyers
February 8 2017