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Had Your Heart Broken? 21 Reasons To Start Dating Again

Dating can be an amazing experience ... and not just because you might meet the love of your life!

Suzanne Gelb, PhD, J.D.
October 4 2014

5 Ways To Sneak Exercise Into A Busy Day

As a personal trainer and life coach, I often see clients struggle to fit their workouts into a busy day. Life gets in the way: Maybe they worked...

How Sephora Became The Unlikely Leader Of Clean Beauty

The story of how a little green seal started something big.

Alexandra Engler
October 16 2019

How To Survive Mother's Day Without A Mother

This spring marked 10 years since I lost my mother. I mean lost in the literal sense: One day she didn’t show up to work, and my family spent the next...

Lindsay Harrison
May 7 2016

What I Wish I'd Known Before I Became A Therapist

I've been a therapist for eight years and recently a supervisor. In that time, I've gained wisdom, experience, and confidence in helping people. ...

John Kim, LMFT
March 21 2014

How To Get What You Want (And Earn Karmic Bonus Points!)

As someone who strings words together for a living, I’m fascinated by the art of compassionate communication: writing (or speaking) in a way that...

Alexandra Franzen
June 7 2013

The Real Reason You Should Quit Sugar + How To Cut It Out Of Your Life For Good

You already know sugar is bad for you. But did you also know it's one of the most pro-inflammatory foods? Here's why you should cut it out of your...

5 Foods for a Faster Brain

As nutritional science has progressed, so too has our understanding of food and how it impacts the brain.

Dana James, M.S., CNS, CDN
November 7 2012

The Essentials That Belong In Every Minimalist Home

Ready to make your home a minimalist sanctuary? We thought so.

Emma Loewe
November 18 2016

From Glowing Skin To A Strong Core: 9 Reasons To Do Headstand Every Day

Headstand (Shirshasana) is often referred to as the king of all yoga poses.

Lisa Mitchell
July 18 2012

The Better Sleep Remedy You Can Drink Tonight

As a clinical herbalist, I find insomnia to be incredibly responsive to herbs. But it's also important to address the underlying cause. Here are both...

Maria Noël Groves
April 20 2016

10 Ways I Learned To Stop Worrying & Get Happy

There are so many things we can do in our daily lives to improve our health and the quality of our existence. There thousands of practices, foods and...

Leigh Vincola
May 4 2013

How To Shop For Sustainable Clothes (Without Sacrificing Fashion!)

Fashion insiders Julie Gilhart, Scott Mackinlay Hahn, and Zem Joaquin discuss how the way you shop can make a difference, and which brands are moving...

June 30 2014

11 Things All Women Should Know About Real Relationships

What one woman has learned and wants others to know about love.

Corinne Dobbas
September 17 2014