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Why You Should Switch To Natural Deodorant + What You Need To Know

A few years ago, if someone had told me to stop wearing deodorant, I would have looked at them like they were crazy.

Jerra Kelly
December 12 2015

Is Your Soul Trying To Guide You But You're Just Not Listening?

This post is just the tip of the iceberg! For even more of Dr. Lissa Rankin's wisdom, be sure to check out her newest class, Getting Back To 100%: A...

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
February 6 2014

10 Ways To Live Without Attachment

It always amuses me how a particular lesson continues to show up in our life until we get it. Sure, it comes in different forms – a physical sign,...

Stefani Beckerman
June 14 2014

I Feel Awesome At 75. Here's How I Do It

When I was younger, I made the decision to think about how I wanted to live in my older years. Today, at 75, I'm living the way I hoped I would: a...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
December 7 2014

Covering a Yoga Class? 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

A few things to consider when you're subbing a yoga class.

Karen Fabian
December 12 2011

7 Tips for Selecting a Yoga Teacher Training

A few things to consider before choosing a teacher training.

Karen Fabian
August 25 2011

7 Secrets To Channeling The Intense Manifestation Power Of Tonight's Virgo Full Moon

This Sunday, March 12, the Virgo full moon is in full bloom, sounding the call for a lifestyle overhaul.

The AstroTwins
March 11 2017

7 Ways To Emotionally Connect With Your Partner

These tips will help strengthen your relationship.

5 Things Healthy People Do Every Day Before Work

Adding five things to your day usually means taking more time out of it, right?

Meredith Nordhem
January 16 2014

Why I'm Petitioning McDonald's To Create A Meatless Option

Kathy Freston's petition to get plant-based burgers in McDonalds.

January 31 2014

5 Reasons Thinking About Death Will Make Your Life Better

There's a narrative in our culture that we find clarity when we face death. We come closer to our values and consider what's truly important to us....

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
June 7 2014

I Went From 6 Cups Of Coffee A Day To Zero. Here's How

At my peak, I was chain-drinking coffee all day, usually five cups of cappuccino followed by an Americano later in the day.

Jeanette Bronée
November 30 2015