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This Matcha Pudding May Help Fight Inflammation & Anxiety, According To An RD

Neurotransmitters play a key role in managing inflammation, cognition, and mood.

Ali Miller, R.D., L.D., CDE
September 26 2019

5 Reasons Thyroid Medications Aren't Working For You

Millions of Americans struggle with low thyroid symptoms and are told at their doctor's office to take medication and return in three months. Welcome...

William Cole, D.C., IFMCP
September 5 2013

6 Clear Signs You're Falling Out Of Love, According To Experts

Sometimes love just slips away quietly, without a fight and without warning.

Kathleen Wong
July 24 2019

Signs You Have Candida + How To Fight It

The top six signs you may be suffering from Candida.

Dina Vieira
November 10 2014

5 Common Hair Problems + Foods That Help Reverse Them

If you feel like your hair is changing quickly and you're concerned, here are five common hair issues, what might be causing them and how to reverse...

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
November 25 2015

53 Fun Things To Do This Summer (That Don't Involve Alcohol)

I have more fun not drinking than I ever did when drinking.

James Swanwick
June 17 2016

6 Body-Weight Exercises For Strong & Toned Legs

Every one of these exercises can be done completely equipment-free, making them the ultimate excuse-free exercises!

Unresponsive To Antidepressants? Check Your Inflammation Levels

An entirely new and exciting reason to increase our intake of turmeric and green tea.

Jamie Schneider
September 12 2019

The Science-Backed Benefits Of A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep: the ultimate remedy for both body and mind.

Krista Soriano
September 11 2019

7 Holistic Ways To Deal With Anxiety During Your Pregnancy

Especially in the first trimester, it's so normal to be overwhelmed and freaked out.

Sarah Ezrin
July 12 2019
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7 Stress-Relieving Intentions We All Need To Set This Fall

Constantly Stressed Out Or Anxious? These 7 Daily Intentions Are SO Powerful

Ko Im, M.S.
September 3 2019

An Aromatherapist's Guide To Treating Dandruff

Here are 6 effective essential oils and botanical recipes to naturally tackle dandruff.