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Want To Chase Away Bad Vibes? This Is The Only Scent You Need

Given our renewed interest in ancient rituals and authentic ingredients, it’s not surprising that Palo Santo is making a comeback.

Heather Askinosie
May 6 2017

How To Create A Happy Home, According To Neuroscience

Craft a space that speaks to your 30 (yes, 30) senses.

Emma Loewe
May 4 2018

The Natural Weight Loss Secret No One Talks About

Never in a million years did I ever suspect that when I grew up I would spend all my days talking about poop!

Julie Peláez
June 24 2013

Traveling This Summer? 5 Tips To Keep You Hydrated

Drink up: These expert-approved tips make it effortless.

Alexandra Engler
June 13 2019

How Yoga Is a Foundation for Positive Body Image

Practice yoga in order to tolerate the exquisite, sometimes painful, and deeply meaningful consequences of being you.

Sara Courter
June 16 2012

Why You Tend To Date Similar People Over and Over

Are most of us attracted to a single personality type?

Kelly Gonsalves
June 10 2019

3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Healthy Eating Resolution

This soba noodle soup will ease your digestion, warm your soul, and keep you on track for your healthy eating goals.

January 18 2018

Weekly Horoscope: How To Get Through The Last Days Of Mercury Retro

Wednesday's moon raises the question: How do you want to shine in the world?

The AstroTwins
July 29 2019

Researchers Discover This Spice May Have Antiviral Properties

Curcumin may help combat some viruses, new research has found.

Eliza Sullivan
July 17

We Each Have Different Sexual Triggers — Here's How To Figure Out Yours

Like love languages or attachment styles but for desire.

Shan Boodram
July 26 2019

Bugs, Begone: A Super Easy Way To Get Pests Off Your Houseplants

Pests in your Pothos? Here's how to nix houseplant bugs for good.

Sarah Regan
July 15