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How One SoCal Family Makes Wellness A Daily Habit

This West Coast Family Has Some Awesome Wellness Nonnegotiables

Sophie Jaffe
October 26 2018

10 Simple Ways To Live More Sustainably, Starting Today

New Year’s isn’t the only time to make resolutions. How about we all make one big one this Earth Day to live a more eco-friendly existence?

Emmanuelle Chriqui
April 22 2015

A Probiotic-Rich Vegan Breakfast: Coconut Kefir

If you've ever wanted to crack open a coconut, here's your chance.

Lee Holmes
August 29 2016

One-Pot Carrot Ginger Soup For Fall (Vegan)

Fall is the season of soup. Pumpkin, lentil, potato, bean — you name it! While it may seem easy to grab a can of soup, making soup from scratch is so...

Helena Picone
October 15 2015

9 Gut-Healing Snacks We're Obsessing Over

You gotta eat sometime—you might as well heal your gut while you're at it.

Liz Moody
April 27 2017

Immune & Energy-Boosting Matcha Drink

Forget coffee! Try this simple matcha tonic brimming with good-for-you stuff.

Elissa Goodman
December 8 2015

Make This Quiche For Brunch (Vegan + Paleo Options!)

More often than not, we make brunch at home. And every time we do, my husband says, "You couldn’t get this in a restaurant." Or he likes to play the...

Meghan Telpner
October 10 2015

The Only 8 Tricks You Need To Cook Healthy Food That's Actually Delicious

There's nothing inspiring about a bowl of bland, flavorless quinoa. Sure, it might be “healthy,” but where's the joy? Where’s the pleasure?

Seamus Mullen
September 14 2015

I Swapped Meat For Insects & It Revolutionized My Diet (And Life)

"If I told my 8-year-old self I would be eating bugs one day, I think she would scream and run away."

Emma Loewe
September 15 2018

What Food Blogger Allison Day Eats In A Day

What does Allison Day eat? That depends on the season

Allison Day
March 29 2016

Here's How To Make Your Diet More Sustainable, Stat

These sustainable swaps couldn't be easier. Plus, a sample grocery list!

April 20 2017
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Tips To Help Keep Your Gut Healthy, From Morning To Night

You won't want to miss these health coach-approved gut health tips!

Nikki Sharp
April 20 2017