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Overfed But Undernourished? 9 Signs You're Nutrient Deficient

As a nutritionist, I know one thing's for sure: the road to chronic disease often begins on our plate! While many people turn to pills for relief, the...

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna
January 30 2014

Sick Of Your Job? 5 Signs It's Time To Quit

Certain circumstances call for an immediate effort to find a new job.

Elizabeth McLaughlin
January 15 2014

How I Lost 220 Pounds & Kept It Off For Good

Because I've focused so much on healing my mind and body, I simply never crave junk food anymore.

Jon Gabriel
July 12 2016

7 Free & Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress

What’s important is how we react to pressure and how we manage (and reduce) our negative emotions during the day.

Vegan Fennel Salad with Basil Flax Vinaigrette

Light and refreshing, but hearty enough to carry you through the day as a delicious lunch.

Amie Valpone
March 15 2012

15 Ways To Squeeze More Yoga Into Your Everyday Activities

There are so many opportunities in our everyday activities to add a little more yoga. Here are only fifteen of them. Use the comment box below to...

Jessica Pyper
April 12 2013

The Essential Grocery List for 'Clean' Eating

What exactly is a clean diet? It may vary from person to person, but for me it is one that contains unprocessed, whole (mostly plant) foods sans...

15 Easy Things You Can Do To Fight Inflammation & Boost Your Metabolism

Some tips to beat inflammation and boost your metabolism, excerpted from Dr. Lori Shemek's new book

Lori Shemek, Ph.D.
May 12 2015

3 Ways I Navigated My Anxiety And Depression

I’m all too familiar with the negative effects both can have over someone's life.

What I Did Wrong When I Quit Smoking

I'm an ex-smoker, a recovering nicotine addict, and a woman with a passion to share the right steps to take when quitting smoking. When I quit, I did...

Michelle Marie Wisdom
April 9 2013

Going Vegan Changed My Life. Here's What I Learned

When someone starts living the most authentic version of who they are, amazing experiences and lessons always seem to follow.

Suzanne Kvilhaug
December 31 2013

8 Genius Tips To Avoid Jet Lag On Your Next Trip: An M.D. Explains

It’s the traveler’s equivalent of a hangover, with the main difference being that you probably had no fun getting it, and the pain will last longer...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
June 29 2016

How I Conquered My Eating Disorder: A Ballet Dancer's Story

How could I ever expect my body to respond well to me when I was degrading it at every chance I could?

Cara-Lisa Sham
May 5 2015