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Cutting Back On Sugar In Your Iced Coffee This Summer? Use This Skin-Supporting Sub

For coffee devotees, there's little more important in the morning than getting your perfect cup of coffee.

Are You Getting Enough Protein? Probably Not, Research Says

New research finds that adults are missing the mark when it comes to protein

Elizabeth Gerson
February 21 2019

The Top 5 Tiny But Transformative Mindful Eating Tweaks, According To A Dietician

Achieve your nutrition goals with these few simple changes throughout the day.

Caitlyn Elf
January 10 2019
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Why Complete Proteins Matter & The Easiest (Plant-Based!) Way To Get More Of Them

By now we know that getting adequate levels of protein into our diet helps keep the hangry at bay, gives our body what it needs to bounce back from...

Your May 2020 Numerology Forecast Calls For Some Major Transformation

No surprise here: This May is a month of transformation, according to numerology.

Tend To Be Hard On Yourself? Here's A Medical Reason To Chill

This unhealthy thought pattern might be the root of your anxiety.

Georgina Berbari
April 26 2019