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How To Make Friends In Your Yoga Community

Sure, you know The Beatles song "Dear Prudence." But which of these facts about the song are true?

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June 10 2013

OMG Superfood Recipe: Maple-Maca Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

Once upon a time, I had a full-blown ice cream addiction, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. It was ritualistic summer days of pint-sized fun, the...

Julie Morris
June 21 2012

10 Tips To Giving Great Yoga Assists

For a beginning teacher or a teacher in training, assisting a yoga class is an invaluable experience.

Nicole D’Andrea
May 15 2013

The Complete Zodiac Guide To 2017. What's In The Stars For You?

Wondering what’s in store for your 2016? Here’s your full-on guide to the upcoming year, thanks to our zodiac gurus, The AstroTwins.

The AstroTwins
January 2 2017

Willpower Won't Help You Eat Better

Many of us have resolved to lose weight or eat better, even though we've failed at these goals in the past. Maybe we had initial success, then a...

'It's Not Too Late to Eat' Dinner Shake

A nutritious dinner that tastes like dessert.

Kathryn Budig
March 1 2011

A Superfood to Be Thankful for: Goldenberries

Pair your goldenberries with squash for the perfect holiday side.

Julie Morris
November 9 2011

The Art of Assisting Asana: 10 Guidelines for Yogis

These basic principles will help you assist with confidence.

Jennifer Vafakos
April 30 2012

The Farm to Table Dilemma

Reconnecting to the matter of life and death with our food.

Jill Lawson
October 31 2011

10 Unexpected Gluten Culprits in Common Foods

If you're going gluten-free, be sure to look out for it in these common foods.

Katrine van Wyk
April 11 2012

Red Raspberry Pops

The ideal summertime treat.

Julie Morris
July 23 2010