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What It's Like to Have a Mentally Ill Sibling

Even though we recognized that our relationship was not like that of other siblings, we still tried to create some semblance of normalcy.

Rebecca Butler
December 18 2012

RIP Steve Jobs: Our Favorite Quotes & Video

Jobs' famous Stanford commencement speech will leave you in awe.

October 6 2011

5 Tips for Yoga Sequencing

It’s helpful for students to practice to a familiar sequence.

Karen Fabian
January 25 2012

2012 MindBodyGreen Holiday Gift Guide

This year we partnered with some of our favorite wellness brands to bring you holiday gift ideas for better, healthier and greener living.

Partner Post
December 4 2012

Letting Go of Self-Judgment (An Ashtanga Yoga Story)

Self-judgment happens to all of us, especially in situations when we feel uneasy and anxious.

Jen Nicomedes Stone
January 20 2012

I'm a Yoga Teacher. Can I Still Have a Bad Day?

As yoga teachers, we interact with a variety of people every day. Eager students await our classes hoping for a stretch, a challenge, some relaxation,...

Lauren Rudick RYT-500
November 23 2012

How To Make Healthy Habits Second Nature, According To Doctors Who Know

Temptation building, habit stacking, and more expert-approved strategies for helping your goals actually stick.

Yoga Poses for Beginners: How-to, Tips, Benefits, Images, Videos

Learn the most popular yoga poses and sequences to get you through a class in any yoga style.

Michael Taylor
May 3 2010

Signs You Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Technology

Ever felt overwhelmed by email, addicted to your SmartPhone, or inundated with social media? Most of us have, but what to do about it? A tech detox...

August 31 2014

Feng Shui Your Bookshelf

Sometimes it is a very small change or two that can radically shift the flow of a room or a home to make the feng shui "click".

Dana Claudat
August 31 2010

Brendan Brazier: My Favorite Protein Sources

After eating plant-based for twenty years now, the number one question I'm still asked is where I get my protein.

Brendan Brazier
August 10 2010

11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew

After 25 years practicing pediatrics, and caring for thousands of children, I've noticed some patterns that offer me a deeper vision of health.

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
July 11 2013

Russell Brand & Howard Stern On Transcendental Meditation

I knew that comedian Russell Brand was a big fan of yoga, but had no idea he also practiced Transcendental Meditation. (He says it helped him when he...

June 2 2010

How I Learned to Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is part of yoga and a part of our lives.

Sean Devenport
October 17 2012