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How I Stay Stylish Now That I'm A Mom

I'm most confident when I feel like I look good, so I now employ a few tricks to maintain my sense of style with very little effort.

Jennifer Mielke
May 4 2015

Why Exercise Won't Counteract The Effects Of Sitting All Day

I admit it. I'm a standing addict. I use a standing desk when I see patients; at conferences my spot is always in the back so I can roam the edges of...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
March 23 2015

10 Powerful Ways To Conquer Fear

The future is bright and full of the potential for divine collaboration.

Sydney Campos
January 23 2017

This Man Is Redefining "Happiness." Here's What Gratitude Means To Him

"If selfishness connects me to my ego, then gratitude connects me to my soul."

Allison Daniels
November 24 2016

Do You Need To Eat, Or Is Your Brain Playing Tricks? Take This Short Quiz To Find Out!

Next time a craving hits, pause, breathe, and ask yourself: Is your body craving nutrients, or are the leftovers from your breakfast meeting simply...

November 20 2016

Beauty Starts On The Inside. Here's How To Be More Confident.

A yoga pose for confidence and inner strength. As you build you physical strength, your internal power grows.

Sara Quiriconi
January 9 2017

5 Things I Wish People Would Stop Doing In Bikram Yoga

Turning up for a hot Bikram yoga class is one thing. Keeping your cool and observing proper etiquette in one is another. Try not to do any of the...

Low Lai Chow
May 12 2014

5 Reasons To Try Rope Wall Yoga

Yoga Kurunta is a series of Iyengar style asanas practiced with aid of ropes on a wall, translating to mean puppet or doll made of wood. The student...

Melva Max
April 16 2015

10 Practices To Experience Childbirth As A Spiritual Journey

Birth is a sacred, spiritual journey to welcome a child into the world. It's an intuitive process that requires a woman to access her right-brain...

Evelyn Ojeda-Fox
March 4 2015

Why Winter Is The Best Time To Indulge In Pampering Beauty Rituals

Self-indulgence and self-love are mandatory this winter! Here's how to do them!

Delphine Lamandé-Frearson
December 30 2016

6 Choices That Will Help You Stay Strong, Flexible & Happy As You Age

So many of us associate aging with cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, adult onset diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue … Shall I...

Eva Selhub, M.D.
April 12 2015

Rediscovering Yoga After Having a Baby

Now your body is a food delivery system, a vehicle to get places, a rocking swing, and a source of warmth and comfort.

Liz Vartanian
November 30 2012

3 Things I Do Every Day To Make My Life Easier As A Single Mom

I realized I needed to learn to be simultaneously focused on my own needs, too.

Kristen Darcy
April 10 2015