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The Surprising Side Effect Of Using Dry Shampoo & What To Do About It

Overusing dry shampoo can clog pores and cause irritation; these three options can help.

Alexandra Engler
May 8 2019

Top 10 Ways To Be More Sensual Every Day

The more we feel with non-judgmental awareness, the more we're open to the experience of our innate sensual pleasures.

Michelle Alva
August 21 2015

Why Your Partner Isn't Listening To You + How To Fix It

Yes, you can fix the communication issues in your relationship. Here's how to start.

Valerie Kolick, M.A.
May 26 2016

5 Lessons I Learned About My Body From Being A Professional Dancer

Some would think that dancing professionally in a ballet company is an odd way to prepare for medical school, but that's exactly what I did.

Dr. Tami Meraglia
May 11 2015

Bill Nighy's Strategy For Managing Anxiety Is All About Self-Love, Actually

The star almost never watches his own projects and chalks it up to a lack of confidence—even after years of success.

Eliza Sullivan
February 25

5 Things You Need To Know Today (October 17, 2018)

Loneliness could be related to addiction and depression, climate change may resurface historical diseases, and the ketogenic diet could improve...

Caroline Muggia
October 17 2018
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7 Stress-Relieving Intentions We All Need To Set This Fall

Constantly Stressed Out Or Anxious? These 7 Daily Intentions Are SO Powerful

Ko Im, M.S.
September 3 2019

Skin Care For The Neck Down: This Clean Oil Is like A High-Tech Serum

You're really going to want to check out the ingredient label.

Alexandra Engler
September 2 2019

How To Support A Partner Who's Dealing With A Low Sex Drive

It's not just about figuring out how to turn them on again.

Vanessa Marin, M.S.
September 2 2019