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6 Simple Steps To Detox Your Home

It’s hard to believe indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor, but it’s true. So says the EPA. The good news is that while you can’t...

5 Mantras That Will Transform Your Outlook On Love

Recently, I've found myself thinking a lot about Stuart Smalley of Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s. Even though his sketches aren't terribly...

Courtney Sunday
February 13 2015

How To Actually Enjoy Valentine's Day

Expectations tend to set us up for disappointment. And nowhere are expectations more amplified than on charged holidays like Christmas, birthdays,...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
February 13 2015

5 Tips for Ordering Vegan at a Restaurant

Restaurants can be tricky when you're vegan, but these tips can make it easier.

Mara Tyler
April 27 2012

How Meditation Finally Taught Me To Trust Myself

"It was as if I could see well beyond the horizon line—not necessarily to specifics but to a knowingness that I should follow my inner guidance."

Light Watkins
October 21 2016

How To Honor Your Soul's True Calling In Life

Stay in touch with and honor the calling you feel deep within you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer
March 10 2014

9 Ways To Reset Lymph Flow And Decrease Bloating

It's not that drastic, but these small changes will make a significant impact!

Amber Bodily
October 20 2016

5 Ways To Deal (Gracefully) With Any Jerks In Your Life

While most of us try to become more kind and thoughtful as we age, sadly, some people just don't (or can't) do this and they wind up being bullies....

Emily Nolan
February 3 2014

Why All Juices Are Not Created Equal

Chalk it up to clever marketing coupled with a refuse-to-die "but juice is healthy!" urban legend that leads people to undergo near-starvation juice...

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
February 9 2015

How To Glide Through This Mercury Retrograde, According To Your Sign

Mercury is doing its second backspin of the year from June 18 to July 12.

The AstroTwins
June 18

11 Things I Learned From Being Cheated On

Infidelity was like a trigger to a bottomless well of insecurity and feelings of inadequacy.

Garrett Paknis
February 8 2015

3 Things To Do If You Want To Be Happy Every Day

As Gandhi explained, our thoughts ultimately create our destinies. It's important to remember that our lives are only limited by our own thoughts.

Fran Sorin
October 18 2016

Get To The Mat Even When You Really Don't Feel Like It With These Tips

Because sometimes, the asana just isn't happening.

Sasha Nelson
October 18 2016