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Reiki Symbols & Their Meanings: Everything You Need to Know

From the power symbol to the harmony symbol, here's everything you need to know.

Leigh Weingus
May 8 2018

The Two Easy Practices To Relieve Stress (That You're Not Doing)

Plus, the five-minute practice you can do daily to tap into the energy around you.

Jason Wachob
March 19

The Surprising Benefits Of A Consistent Reiki Practice

Gwyneth Paltrow and other wellness elites swear by this one.

Sarah Farris
March 26 2017

How To Use Reiki To Calm Anxiety

Think of it like an active meditation.

Kelsey J. Patel
August 9 2017

Reiki 101: What Is It & Will I Love It?

When I first set out to learn Reiki nearly 10 years ago, it was to heal my heart after a devastating heartbreak. My journey brought me to Hawaii,...

Margarita Alcantara
September 2 2014

What Is Distance Reiki + Does It Really Work?

I do a fair amount of my Reiki practice via distance, which frequently prompts the question: "Does distance Reiki really work?" And since the answer...

Sharna Langlais
March 2 2015

How Reiki Eased My Back Pain & Anxiety (When Nothing Else Could)

This one simple practice is so powerful. (Hint: It's not meditation.)

Kelsey J. Patel
March 28 2017

Reiki: What It Is + Why You Should Consider Adding It To Your Routine

On the surface, Reiki seems like the most holistic of holistic healing techniques. It's founded on the idea that there is an unseen energy, or chi,...

Emma Loewe
January 29 2016

How Reiki Can Help Ease Stress & Fatigue: A Practitioner Explains

I don't need to know "if reiki really works" to know that practicing it daily has taught me to effectively manage my time and energy.

Kait Fowlie
June 7 2016

What Is A Reiki Circle & How Can I Host One?

Reiki Circles (also called "Reiki Shares") have grown in popularity in the wellness and healing world over the last several years. Reiki Circles began...

Sharna Langlais
December 15 2014

Curious About Reiki? Here's How To Make Sure Your First Experience Is A Great One

Whenever I teach my Reiki certification courses, I always tell my students, “You are the only person who can practice your kind of Reiki.” That’s...

Sharna Langlais
November 21 2015

I Spent Years In A Funk. Here's The Holistic Practice That Snapped Me Out Of It

"The best way I can describe Reiki is that it helps reconnect us with our hearts."

Kate Eckman
June 25 2016

5 Things To Look For In Your Reiki Teacher

So you've experienced the wonder of a Reiki session, and are considering becoming a student of this healing art. Maybe you'd like to provide ongoing...

July 31 2013