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5 Weight Loss Myths

So many confusing health messages are making us fatter and sicker! My weight shifted when I learned the truth about how my metabolism works.

Jessica Sepel
October 18 2012

5 Easy Ways To Get Happier ASAP

Happiness is like a muscle — the more you work it, the stronger it becomes.

Meghan Telpner
February 21 2016

Why This Researcher Thinks More Grocery Stores Will Help Reduce Food Waste

A Cornell University professor has a novel idea for reducing our food waste: more stores.

Eliza Sullivan
February 5

I'm A Fitness Professional, But I Was So Photoshopped That I Didn't Recognize Myself

The fitness industry has come up with a very specific — and unrealistic — image of what health and beauty look like.

Sadie Lincoln
September 28 2015

Rock-Star M.D. & Author Sara Gottfried On Her Favorite Tricks To Stay Healthy

Building a life you love is an inside job, says Dr. Sara Gottfried, a Berkeley-based physician and best-selling author.

Jason Wachob
February 18 2016

Why Women Are More Likely To Get Autoimmune Diseases

Did you know that autoimmune diseases are much more prevalent in women? Since 75% of autoimmune diseases affect women and 25% affect men, it seems...

I'm On A Wellness Journey But My Partner Is Not — Here's How I Handle

What to do when you're focusing in on personal development, but your partner just isn't into it.

Kelli Reese
July 11 2019

6 Ways To Harness Tonight's Rare New Moon & Solar Eclipse

No apologies if you kick off the month in overachiever mode.

The AstroTwins
January 5 2019

Why Self-Care Is The Least Selfish Thing You Can Do

Plus, five ways to round out your own self-care practice.

Jennifer Freed, Ph.D.
October 9 2016

Is Antiseptic Mouthwash Hurting Your Heart?

Many people use antiseptic mouthwash nightly, but it may be more harmful than helpful.

Reid Winick, DDS
April 30 2014

The Massage You Could Be Giving Yourself Every Day ... But Aren't

No one is surprised when your shoulders function better after a massage, so why not your stomach?

Kate Codrington
September 12 2015

8 Tips To Detox Without Fasting, Juicing Or Restricting

Lately it seems as though everyone is doing a juice cleanse, experimenting with fasting, or living off raw food. If you're like me, and have a history...

Danielle Prestejohn
August 15 2013