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Here's Exactly What I Ate To Heal From Lyme Disease

Healthy food helped me repopulate my microbiome and reclaim my energy. If I can do it, so can you.

7 Reasons To Drink More Tea

You may be wondering "Why should I drink tea. Can it actually do anything for me and my health?"

Toffler Niemuth
November 1 2014

Why You Need To Switch From Body Lotion To Body Oil Right Now

A change in season is the perfect time to make the switch from body lotion to quick-absorbing and highly moisturizing skin oils.

Sarah Villafranco, M.D.
September 5 2016

Shaved Zucchini, Walnut & Citrus Salad

Salads don't need lettuce to be tasty and nutritious. They can also be created with many vegetables. In this salad here, zucchini is shaved to create...

Nathalie Fraise
February 2 2014

This Is What A Psychopath's Brain Looks Like

New research on the personality disorder that affects one-fourth of criminals.

Starbucks Just Reached A Huge Milestone (And It's Something We All Can Get Behind)

Starbucks is in the news again, and this time it's not for its red cups.

Emma Loewe
November 25 2015

10 Tips To Have A Toxin-Free Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time to start protecting and mothering your child within. A person could make themselves crazy trying to avoid all the toxins in...

Lori Bregman
July 24 2013

3 Reasons I'm A Vegan: Dr. Joel Kahn Explains

Many people decide to follow a vegan lifestyle because of its health benefits, but cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn explains that's only part of the reason...

June 25 2014

I'm A Yoga Teacher. Here's What I Hate About The Yoga "Community"

While I love the hustle and study, I’ve found certain aspects of the yoga community frustrating.

Derek Beres
November 4 2015

How I Learned To Be A Mother Without Children

What I learned when the prospect of childbirth was briefly taken from me.

Lisa Merkle
October 31 2018

Why Many Of Us Don't Succeed At Losing Weight: A Doctor Explains

Why is losing weight so difficult? A closer look at human history and biology suggests that the fault—to a great extent—lies in our genes.

Dr. Lee Goldman
March 30 2016

7 Things Never To Say To Someone Who's Suffering From Anxiety

When I was plagued by choronic anxiety, I woke up every day with a weight on my chest. I had trouble breathing, broke into cold sweats constantly, and...

Shannon Kaiser
November 2 2015

Sweet-N-Salty Strawberry Arugula Salad

Aaaah, I'm loving summer here in the Southern Hemisphere. It's a great time to play around in the kitchen, and try out new recipes while the warm...

Stefanie DelPrete
January 28 2014