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This Bread-Free, Plant-Based French Toast Is A Breakfast Game-Changer

Could a vegetable-based French toast be better than the original? Yes!

Monica Yates
January 14 2017

Aloe Vera For Whiter Teeth & Healthier Gums? Here's What To Know

It's often touted for its soothing skin and hair care benefits. But this plant is not just for the outside of your body.

Shawn Radcliffe
February 28

8 Tips For Losing Weight On A Vegan Diet

I tried every quick fix available in a bottle but nothing worked.

Natt Smith
February 9 2013

The 5 Healthiest Trail Mixes At Trader Joe's To Keep You Fueled All Day

We looked at ingredients, nutrients, and sugar, to see which TJ's trail mixes come out on top.

Sarah Regan
January 19

A Reinvention Ritual To Harness The New Moon In Aries

The ultimate sign of the self, Aries stands tall, fiery, and ready to begin again.

Alexandra Roxo
April 14 2018

The Perfect Protein-Packed Make-Ahead Breakfast

Make a batch on Sunday and wake up happy all week long.

Pete Evans
August 3 2015

Is It Better To Eat Paleo Or Vegan? Dr. Mark Hyman Explains

With all the hype around Paleo and vegan diets, ever wondered what's the best way to eat? Dr. Mark Hyman, founder and medical director of the...

August 6 2014

The Ultimate Holiday Crudite Platter

The crudite platter that everyone will actually want to eat.

McKel Hill
December 8 2016

This Is The Ideal Diet For Your Teeth, According To A Holistic Dentist

The foods our ancestors ate worked with their bodies—not against them.

Steven Lin, DDS
January 19 2018

8 Foods Proven To Reduce Inflammation

A healthy diet is about adding the right foods IN — not cutting everything out.

Holly Goodwin
March 5 2016

7 Ways To Nurture Good Gut Health

Allergies, autoimmunity, digestive problems, obesity and mental health conditions are increasingly common and they're all being linked to a disrupted...

Alanna Collen
May 9 2015

4 Steps To Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs & Creating Possibility

Here's how to let go of stubborn beliefs and invite in your dreams!

Amy Lombardo
April 18 2019

5 Foods To Supercharge Your Morning Smoothie

As a naturopath, one of the complaints I hear from my clients all of the time is that they don't have enough energy to get them through the day.

Sharee James
April 18 2013

How A Best-Selling Cookbook Author Designs Her Workspace For Creativity & Joy

Take a peek around Erin Gleeson's workspace: a secluded cabin in the woods.

Emma Loewe
November 7 2019

9 Simple Tips To Eat More Fruits & Veggies Every Day

We all have heard some variation of this nutritional advice since we were kids: “Eat your veggies, finish your fruit.” It's abundantly clear that...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
May 7 2015