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I'm An OB/GYN Struggling With Infertility. Here's Why I'm Finally Breaking My Silence

I’ve been strong my whole life. For the most part, it has served me well. But over the past several months, my strength has been tested time and time...

Shannon M. Clark, M.D.
October 13 2015

3 Steps For Jump-Starting Creativity

Hint: You don't have to buy anything.

Austin Kleon
April 26 2019

Generation Foodie: 10 Healthy Blogs That Inspire Us To Cook

How many times have you vowed to eat in more and dine out less? Pledged to cook in order to save money, maybe for your next much-needed getaway?...

October 12 2015

How To Use Crystals To Get Closer To Your Partner

How to use crystals to get intimate.

Heather Askinosie
February 12 2017

4 Steps To Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs & Creating Possibility

Here's how to let go of stubborn beliefs and invite in your dreams!

Amy Lombardo
April 18 2019

9 Ways To Bounce Back When You're Really Disappointed in Yourself

"Remember that often our most powerful growth opportunities come from our biggest disappointments."

Tanya Carroll Richardson
April 18 2019
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How An LA Meditation Teacher Keeps His Calm All Day Long

A healthy lifestyle usually doesn't just happen overnight. It is often built slowly and intentionally by implementing one or two good habits at a...

Light Watkins
February 7 2017

How To Hypnotize Yourself & Manifest Your Dreams

Self-hypnosis is a wonderful and powerful wellness technique for setting and helping to manifest your nearest and dearest personal intentions.

Nina Pernecke, MSW
June 25 2013

The 3 Decluttering Mistakes Everyone Makes

A professional organizer and clutter healer breaks it down.

Lili Pettit
February 2 2017

The Secrets To ACTUALLY Making A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Turns out, it's not impossible. Here are the tools you need to get through the long-distance phase of your relationship.

Cathryn Mora
January 31 2017

4 "Smoothie Bowls" To Enjoy All Day!

These nutrient dense smoothie bowls will satisfy you all day long.

Lisa Lane
September 19 2014

How You're Sabotaging Your Date Before It Even Starts

No matter what, it's about trusting your instincts.

Sandy Weiner
January 27 2017