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10 Tips To Eat For Your Genes (Not Your Jeans)

Most of us believe that age-related diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, adult onset diabetes, stroke, cancer, etc. are the...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
April 14 2013

A Lower Back Yoga Sequence From A Former NFL Linebacker

When Keith Mitchell, the former NFL linebacker turned yogi stopped by Yoga Shanti in Manhattan recently, he showed us a few moves (featured below) to...

Andrea Rice
April 3 2015

Why Your Dentist Can See Your Disease Before You Do

In the summer of 1980, I was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains. I was prepped for and had an emergency appendectomy. It turned out my...

Reid Winick, DDS
April 10 2013

It's Official: These Are Going To Be The Biggest Food Trends This Spring

Unicorns, anxiety-reducing brownies and food that'll put you straight to sleep.

Liz Moody
March 21 2017

How I Beat Illness When No One Believed I Was Sick

When it comes to chronic illness, particularly autoimmune disorders, trying to make sense of the symptoms you're experiencing is daunting.

Kelly O'Brien
April 7 2013

Homemade Chai

Make the soothing drink at home.

Tiffany Cruikshank
November 10 2011

Tax Tips For Yoga Teachers

Let’s be honest: it’s more fun to write about yoga than taxes.

Karen Fabian
April 1 2013

Why I Couldn't Do a Juice Cleanse, But Maybe You Should!

I decided to seek out a little saucha for the spirit and silhouette, and try a juice cleanse.

Q & A with Carré Otis: On Body Image, Healing, Yoga, Meditation & Orgasms

There was a flip side to Carré's, success as she struggled with addiction, an eating disorder, and an abusive relationship.

Jason Wachob
February 22 2012

4 Feng Shui Tips for Back-to-Work Blues

Try these inner and outer feng shui tips to get you motivated for a positive week at work!

Jayme Barrett
October 20 2011

The Basics for Yoga Newbies

You've gotta start somewhere!

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo
April 10 2012

What Are The Top 5 Superfoods? An MD Explains

For me, foods that are "super" are not only packed with essential nutrients, they're easy to find, relatively affordable, and simple to...

Robin Berzin, M.D.
February 26 2013

STILL Single? Why I Have Chosen to Go Solo

I'm involved in a nurturing, loving relationship with my most dedicated and committed partner yet – me.

Maria Mooney, MSW, LSW
March 31 2012

6 Stories To Make You Believe In The Power Of Your Mind To Heal You

My book Mind Over Medicine is full of data scientifically proving that the mind can heal—or harm—the body. But data can be dry, and sometimes what...

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
November 8 2013