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The Surprising Thing That Gets Couples Turned On At Home

Here's one way to turn up the heat that you're probably not expecting.

Kelly Gonsalves
April 21 2019

Yoga Changes The Structure Of Your Brain

Always look out for your future self.

Leigh Weingus
July 14 2017

22 Life-Changing Wellness Books To Read This Summer

Check out our editors' picks for books to inspire your most satisfying summer yet.

Allison Daniels
June 24 2016

SIBO Was Destroying My Gut. Here's What I Wish I'd Known

What you need to know about the super-common, oft-overlooked ailment.

Phoebe Lapine
January 30 2019

17 Quick & Easy Ways To Detox For Summer

Because spring and summer are the best times for a light cleanse.

3-Minute Mindful Practice To Start Your Day

Use this three-minute meditation to set a positive intention for your day, and even for the rest of the year if you're game! It will provide focus,...

Hillary Wright
January 1 2016

4 Tips To Make Meditation Easy, No Matter How Busy You Are

As an entrepreneur and mom myself, I've found a few simple ways to fit meditation into an already busy schedule.

Vanessa Loder, MBA
January 8 2015

The One Spice I Always Recommend For Better Digestion: An M.D. Explains

Even if you've never heard of this spice before, you've probably eaten it in Indian food many times.

Amy Shah, M.D.
July 18 2016

TMAC On How To Give Up A Steady Paycheck & Make Money Doing Your Own Thing

It's all about investing in education and investing in yourself—even when it's hard.

Emma Loewe
January 23 2019

Want To Control Your Dreams? This DIY Project Can Make It Happen

Time to create the pillow of your dreams (literally).

Elizabeth Bobbitt
June 6 2017

What Makes Us Who We Are? Unraveling The Difference Between Identity & Labels

"Beyond the boundaries of all the boxes that separate us, there is a common humanity in our diversity."

Deborah King
June 6 2017

The 3 Wellness Products On Every Beauty Buff's Shelf

The 3 Wellness Products On Every Beauty Buff's List

April 10 2019