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How To Use Meditation In Any Situation

There's a meditation for every situation. These meditations will help you navigate tricky moments, cultivate calmness and balance, and increase your...

Amanda Gilbert
July 27 2017

10 Great Reasons To Get Outside More Often

Humans are drawn to nature. We feel better when we spend time in forests, gardens, or parks. Edward O. Wilson termed this desire to connect with...

Cyndi Gilbert, N.D.
July 19 2015

10 Books Guaranteed To Make You Feel Beautiful From The Inside Out

Get ready to finish the last page feeling amazing about your body, mind, and soul.

Emma Mildon
February 28 2016

The Best Life Advice Ever — Stunningly Illustrated

When the day is dragging, or life has felt like a series of unfortunate events, a short, sweet aphorism can be just the thing to help us through it....

Allison Daniels
November 11 2015

10 Books That Helped Me Find Happiness & Uncover My True Purpose

Certain books have found their way into my life at times I needed them most.

Shannon Kaiser
August 27 2015

9 Illustrations Every Introvert Will Understand

What's so special about Marzi Wilson's Introvert Doodles? "So often, being an introvert can just feel like being a deeply broken person, and she makes...

Allison Daniels
December 21 2016

Why You Need To Try Japanese Forest Bathing

Forest bathing isn't the kind of bath where you strip down and hop in a tub. It's about basking in nature, in greenery — and you can wear whatever you...

Cyndi Gilbert, N.D.
August 8 2015

5 Herbal Iced Teas To Keep You Chill This Summer

Iced herbal tea is great any time of year but especially during the heat of the summer months. Drinking iced tea is a refreshing and health-filled way...

Cyndi Gilbert, N.D.
June 23 2015

The 9 Soulful Books Inspiring Me To Live My Best Life

Stretch our those page-turning fingers and peek at these new books.

Emma Mildon
September 2 2016

A Cancer Diagnosis Made Me Dip My Toes Into These Spiritual Practices — And Now I'm Totally Hooked

"In retrospect, I am confident that my soul chose this cancer journey to propel me into the world of spirituality—a profoundly prolific realm of life...

Kara Ladd
August 4 2018

I Lost My Marriage, My Career & My Identity: How I Found My Way Back To A Life I Love

"When the mind is stuck, the body needs to move. As I grew into my body's potential, I rediscovered the power of my heart and mind."

Kristen Campbell
August 14 2017

I Traveled 9 Countries In 6 Months: Here's What I Learned

Last year, I traveled across three continents and nine countries over the course of six months. Here's what I learned.

Shannon Kaiser
May 8 2017
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All I Need to Know I Learned From Anne Of Green Gables

Perhaps it’s a sign of my own arrested development, but Anne of Green Gables has been my favorite book since the moment I read it as a little girl. I...

Stacey Hegarty
December 16 2013

How I Regained My Power Over Food

I remember my first binge like my first kiss. My daughter was four months old. Without even thinking, I picked up my baby, strapped her in her car...

Maureen Wielansky
October 28 2013

3 Online Tools That Helped Me Meditate (Finally!)

Years ago, I decided that I wanted to be the kind of person who meditated, but I struggled with finding an accessible introduction to the practice. I...

Maureen Sullivan
March 29 2013

12 Brand New Books To Put On Your Fall Reading List

From creative nonfiction by Liz Gilbert to comedic essays by Mindy Kaling and the latest in vegan cooking from Food52, we strongly suspect your new...

Allison Daniels
September 8 2015