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Hair Loss: My Battle With Alopecia

For over 36 years, I've been told there is no cure for alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes a person to lose their hair. Like anyone...

Jodi Weisberg
January 14 2013

4 Myths I Didn't Need To Believe About My Chronic Illness

In an ideal world, we'd all support our body's miraculous ability to heal itself and develop new cells through our lifestyle choices. Whether though...

Jodi Weisberg
August 1 2013

The Power Of Healing Yourself With Food

I believe that with every action we take, every thought we think and every morsel we put in our body, we are moving towards greater health and...

Jodi Weisberg
February 8 2013

How Tapping Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

Since childhood, we’ve been taught that physical pain originates in the body. Our earliest experiences with pain often happened after scraping a knee...

Nicolas Ortner
April 7 2015

A Calming Ritual + Recipe To Help You Set Your Intentions For The Day

I believe that mornings are the foundation of our day. it is when our feet first come in contact with the earth and we can consciously set our...

Jody Vassallo
March 6 2015

5 Foods To Balance Blood Sugar

Good health is all about balance, especially when it comes to blood sugar. Eating the proper ratio of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates at every meal...

Jodi Geigle
March 12 2013

5 Sexy & Slimming Foods For Valentine's Day

Instead of spending this Valentine’s Day eating rich foods that leave you feeling bloated and heavy, amp up the chemistry between you and your partner...

Jodi Geigle
February 8 2013

5 Spices To Add Flavor (Without Adding Fat)

Food is meant to energize the body, not weigh it down with inflammation or disease. Cooking with herbs and spices adds mouth-watering flavor to your...

Jodi Geigle
January 12 2013

What Holistic Dietitian Jodi Bullock Eats In A Day

She recovered from 27 different food sensitivities and now applies the guidelines that helped her heal throughout her day.

Jodi Bullock
July 12 2016

DVD Review: Whale Yoga for Kids

Wondering how to teach yoga to your kids at home? A good way to start is by DVD. I recently checked out Jodi Komitor’s (of Next Generation Yoga) Whale...

Sarah Herrington
January 7 2011

10 Ways To Be The Champion Of Your Life

The history of men and women is simple: Women waited to be rescued while men killed dragons for us. Today, there are still women who want the dragons...

Jodie Berman
January 18 2013

5 Reasons To Love Dating In Your 30s

I spent my twenties getting an education, figuring out who I was in this world, and traveling. Who I am now at 36 and single is vastly different than...

Jodie Berman
January 4 2013

How Yoga Helped Me Heal From Sexual Trauma

I am a survivor of rape and sexual assault. I let the trauma stay lodged in my mind and body for years, allowing it to fester and act itself out in...

Jody Mello
July 7 2014

10 Signs You're Not Willing To Settle For Less In Life

Have you always heard you were "unique" or "eccentric?" Have statements like "a bit different" or "she dances to the beat of her own drum" been made...

Jodi McMurray
July 7 2014

Athleta Summer Solstice Party In Miami Beach

300 yogis gathered at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach to celebrate the summer solstice.

June 30 2014

6 Delicious Health Benefits Of Honey

The dangers of sugar have been so widely publicized that many people mistakenly think anything "sweet" equals bad news for the body. While refined...

Jodi Geigle
April 16 2013

What Food Activism Blogger Jodi Kay Eats In Day

Hippie fudge is a thing, and we want some!

Jodi Kay
November 1 2016