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Holy Detox! Kale & Swiss Chard Soup (Recipe)

One of my favorite ways to clean out the fridge while simultaneously preparing something nutritious and delicious for the workweek, is by making soup.

Andrea Rice
October 15 2013

The Secret To Finding Unlimited Happiness In A Relationship

The secret to feeling unlimited happiness in your relationship is learning this simple yet radical practice:

Shelly Bullard, MFT
October 24 2014

10 Signs You Aren't Earning What You're Worth

Your earning has more to do with personal fulfillment than salary.

Barbara Stanny
October 24 2014

'Playing The Victim' Manifests In These 11 Different Ways

"Victimhood robs us of our true power, which is in our ability to feel everything and use it as fuel."

Kelly McNelis
October 5 2017

8 Foods To Help You Lose Weight Naturally

Have you ever wished that there was a magic pill for natural weight loss? If you have, I can totally relate, as I spent many years looking for one...

Katrina Love Senn
August 13 2014

How I Finally Made A Vegan Diet Work For Me

I don’t want to be sanctimonious. I’m not perfect. I have a favorite pair of leather boots. My own reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle are some...

Allison Currie
March 1 2016

7 Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday

Hard to believe it's already December, this year has flown by. Have you written your cards? Wrapped your gifts? If the thought of the impending...

Louise Jensen
December 5 2013

3 Tips for Attracting Big Love Into Your Life

Human connection is the single most important thing for every single person on earth.

Shannon Kaiser
August 6 2012

What I Learned From My Husband's Sex Addiction

The issues my husband struggled with ranged from cheating to engaging in virtual sexual relationships in online chatrooms.

Sophie Jaffe
October 16 2014

Why Spinning Went From Fitness Fad To Workout Staple

It's OK to show up to a class tired. As long as your legs are moving and the music is playing, you'll soon be full of energy.

Jennifer Wang
May 21 2016

Are You Playing The Victim? Here's How To Regain Your Power!

We all get caught in the victim-trap from time to time. Feeling like we've been wronged; like we were right and they were .... well, I'm sure we can...

Shelly Bullard, MFT
January 9 2013

Why You Should Train Less (But Smarter!)

Shorter, more intense workouts are they way to go.

Ines Festini
October 10 2014

5 Signs You're Ready To Get Married In Your 20s

We live in an ageist culture when it comes to marriage.

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
October 8 2014

The Skinny On Body Fat: 4 Surprising Facts

Fat: That bulge when you indulge. And yes, some of us have quite a bit of bulge to show for what we've indulged in.

Phoenyx Austin, M.D.
October 8 2014

8 Things I've Learned About Yoga Since Having A Baby

Almost a year ago to the day, I wrote an article about what it was like to practice yoga soon after having a baby. Now, one year into motherhood, not...

Liz Vartanian
November 25 2013

Smoked Paprika Asparagus Penne (Gluten-Free)

This easy-to-make pasta is gluten-free, vegetarian, and packed with superfoods.

Amie Valpone
July 9 2012

9 Rules Of Smart Snacking

As a health and nutrition consultant, two big questions I'm always asked are: When should I snack? and What should I snack on? It...

Jeanette Bronée
July 28 2014