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The Diet That Helped Lead LeBron James To Victory

It turned him into a fat-burning, championship-earning machine.

Emi Boscamp
June 21 2016

6 Ways To Lose Weight When You've Tried Everything

Is your gut bacteria to blame for your excess fat? Likely it is. We've known since the 1950s that giving livestock low doses of antibiotics fattens...

Move Over Oatmeal, Meet Butternut Squash Porridge

Tell oatmeal to take a back seat to this butternut squash porridge, because you're going to become an addict.

Jennifer Vagios
February 20 2013

Here's Why Workplace Health & Wellness Programs Are Still Valuable

Studies say company health initiatives are ineffective. Here's why they might be wrong.

Kelly Gonsalves
April 23 2019

Elle Macpherson On Surfing, Meditation & Laughter

Supermodel Elle Macpherson on her meditation practice, the importance of laughing, and her favorite surf spots.

Jason Wachob
March 16 2016

How To Make Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs (Handy For Holiday Favorites)

I know that staying on a gluten-free diet can be challenging, especially during the holiday season, so here's a way to make gluten-free bread crumbs...

Silvia Bianco
November 12 2013

Why I Think All Men Need Therapy

Let me preface this by saying I'm part of this group, too. Just because I’m a licensed therapist doesn’t mean I don’t need therapy. I have many, many...

John Kim, LMFT
November 18 2015

The 7 Best Ways To Alkalize Your Body — And Why It's The Key To Immunity & Overall Health

A combination of lifestyle and diet that can make the biggest impact on our pH levels—here's why that matters.

July 12 2017

5 All-Natural Tips To Boost Your Brain Health

Brain health is a major concern these days. Many of us worry that our brain isn't working as well as it used to. Often we have family members or loved...

Terry Wahls, M.D.
February 6 2015

Exactly What To Do With Those Clothes You Kondo'd Out Of Your Closet

Give your clothes a second life—and a third, and a fourth.

Emma Loewe
February 25 2017