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3 Weeknight Dinner Recipes Using Yogurt

We came across Janet Fletcher's new book, Yogurt, and were struck by the many ways this probiotic-rich condiment could be used, and not just in...

Janet Fletcher
April 1 2015

A 10-Minute Yoga Sequence To Inspire Love

Open your heart with a little yoga.

Shiva Rea
February 25 2016

The Easiest Way To Get All-Natural Beach Waves (No Heat Required!)

No matter how smooth your hair is naturally, most of us are likely to end up with a frizzy mess atop our heads if we don't take the time to blow dry...

Josh Rosebrook
June 19 2015

3 Healthy Recipes That Transform Veggie Scraps Into Delicious Dishes

We consulted food waste expert Wen-Jay Ying of Local Roots NYC for her best recipes that minimize food waste.

Christina Coughlin
February 15

10 Simple Ways To Squeeze In Yoga Every Day

Yep, meditation on the plane is definitely a thing.

Ali Owens
October 7 2016

3 Things You Should Know About NYC Food Today

Juice bars, veggie burgers, and karma — sounds about right.

Leah Vanderveldt
February 5 2016

This One Change Helped Clear My Acne (PS: It's Not A Cream)

Through my journey of healing acne, I have gained something so essential and so priceless: deep self-love. Self-love that can't be taken away by outer...

Suzanne Tina Chang
March 8 2017

This Hilarious Photo Series Shows What It's Really Like To Practice Yoga

We all know the person the yogi who always shows up to class in the trendiest athleisure and somehow manages to rock every position without...

Emma Loewe
November 22 2015

5 Things You Need To Know Today (April 12, 2018)

The evolution of eyebrows, how working out is intergenerational, and a better way to treat chronic pain.

Lindsay Kellner
April 12 2018

Yes, Yogis Can Get Cancer Too. Here's What I Wish I'd Known

This is proof your wellness practices don't outweigh proper checkups and gut instincts.

Lisa Merkle
April 30 2017

Why I'm Meditating Every Day For A Year

"I know when I meditate regularly that I am a more grounded, confident, and clear-minded person."

Meg James
March 2 2017

Why CoQ10 Is A Super Powerful Antioxidant: A Cardiologist Explains

Let's go back to 1981, Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am sitting in a large auditorium in the medical school basement trying to stay awake. The room is warm...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
July 29 2013