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How To Forgive The Unforgivable

Co-written by Lee Daniel Kravetz.

David B. Feldman, PhD
August 6 2014

Starting a Self-Practice

The day I started a home yoga practice, also known as 'Self Practice' is the day I had to. No other reason. And that day may be today for you,...

Lauren Imparato
September 28 2011

13 Yoga Modifications For Pregnant Women

Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to prepare for pregnancy and birth.

Stacy Joyce
May 23 2013

I Was A Therapist Who Couldn't Forgive. Here's How I Learned

I became a forgiveness researcher and teacher because I was miserable. I was bitter and unhappy and even my wife was getting tired of hearing me moan...

Fred Luskin, Ph.D.
July 29 2014

5 Essential Tips To Live A Frustration-Free Life

Your husband attacks his plate of food like a starving hyena, complete with slurps and growls. That slowpoke driver in front of you won't move out of...

Jude Bijou, M.A., MFT
May 18 2013

How To Care For Your Skin Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Nature provides all the necessary ingredients, just like the stars provide the path for your life

Britanie Faith
August 4 2015

Why Detox Is A Way Of Life, Not A 3-Day Diet

Recently detox diets have crossed into the mainstream, thanks to celebrity endorsements and marketing campaigns that suggest they lead to...

16 Fun Ways To Say "I Love You"

Few sentiments carry the kind of weight that the three little words, “I love you,” does. But what happens when you say them so much that they start to...

Allison Cohen, LMFT
July 25 2014

6 Things I've Learned From Being Pregnant In 4 Countries

I wish I could say that my transcontinental experiences have allowed me to glean the most essential wisdom necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

Bloated? 14 Small Ways You Can Support Detoxification Every Day

We’re all human. We partake in the occasional (or more frequent) indulgences life has to offer.

Michele Conigliaro
May 14 2013

Can Coconut Oil Really Deliver? I Tested 14 Uses & Here's What I Found

To separate the "too good to be true" claims from the "wow, this is actually legit," I dove headfirst into the wild world of coconut oil as personal...

Allie White
July 29 2015

A 4-Time NBA Champion's 22 Reasons To Go Vegan

Lacking the energy to pursue your dreams? Go vegan! You can get healthy, lose weight for good, have the body of your dreams, sleep deep and awake...

John Salley
July 24 2015

10 Ways To Land A Job As A Yoga Teacher

I recently finished my training and have been lucky enough to land a few teaching jobs. Lots of my fellow teacher trainees have been asking what I've...

Nicole D’Andrea
May 10 2013

6 Things You Can Do To Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome

At the core of imposter syndrome is a fear of not being good enough.

Jessamy Hibberd, M.Sc.
September 13 2019

10 Symptoms Of Menopause + How To Deal With Them

Many women begin to experience symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, before their periods stop. If you feel confused as to why you're prone to...

Gary Elkins, PhD
July 18 2014

Why I Need Mindfulness, Not Just Bliss

When I got home from my first retreat with Shinzen Young 16 years ago, I was high as a kite. Then, my boyfriend of three months dumped me over the...

Julianna Raye
May 8 2013

10 Secrets To Staying Happily Married For 50 Years

My husband, Rob, and I proudly celebrated our Golden Wedding: 50 years of wedded bliss.

How Can You Tell When Your Relationship Has Gone On Too Long?

We’ve all been there. You and your honey have been together forever and a day. You’ve even mentally designed the ideal wedding, kitchen island...