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2020 Is All About Cellular Health — Here's How To Get Started With Cellular TLC

PSA: Your cells are in charge of your long-term health. Here's how to give your cells some extra support.

Krista Soriano
January 29

Vitamin Sea: 9 Next-Level Ways To Use The Healing Magic Of The Ocean

Does the ocean contain health secrets that we can't get on land?


3 Adaptogens To Power Up Your Plant Protein

Got new fitness goals for 2020? Here's how maca, ashwagandha, and reishi can help keep you going. 

Krista Soriano
January 15

The Dreamy Wellness Destination With Lavender Fields & Hot Springs Galore

Lavender fields, quaint markets, and hot springs galore.

Victorine Deych
September 2 2017

4 Doctor-Approved Detoxification Programs

Need to detox? These are the protocols functional medicine doctors are using.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
September 1 2017
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What This Top Chef Eats—And Avoids—To Get A Great Night's Sleep

For this chef, restaurant owner, cookbook author, and avid cyclist, setting up for a great sleep is a two-step process.

Seamus Mullen
August 31 2017

Clean & Quick Dinner: Zucchini + Fennel Fritters

Perfect as part of a breakfast spread or as an easy make-ahead lunch.

Pete Evans
August 13 2015

Pizza! Gluten-Free Recipe

Something about pizza never fails to please. Maybe it’s the crispy base. Maybe it’s the huge variety of toppings we can use to personalize it. Or...

Want To Try Natural Hair Dye? Read This First

Avoid hair nightmares with this natural hair-dye guide.

Lindsay Kellner
August 16 2017

Veg Out With This Stuffed Zucchini Blossom Tempura Salad

Zucchini blossoms are the delicate flowers that emerge from the zucchini plant. Male (not attached to a zucchini) flowers are larger, so they’re...

Silvia Bianco
September 22 2013