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Amanda Chantal Bacon On Passion, BioMats & Turkish Figs

The founder of Moon Juice gets real about her wellness routine.

Jason Wachob
April 14 2016

A Wellness Mecca Grows In Brooklyn

Along with, yes, you guessed it, lots of trees.

Lindsay Kellner
August 7 2017

Doing This One Thing Post-Workout Has Totally Changed My Skin

The missing piece of your post-workout (and self-care) routine.

Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
April 19 2019

7 Little Choices That Helped Me Lose Weight

These little tweaks could make a big difference.

Dawna Stone
February 8 2016

7 Tips for Staying Healthy at Work

With so much to balance at work, these tips make it easy to stay on track.

Reshma Adwar, DPT
April 24 2012

I'm A Busy Working Mom With 5 Kids. Here's How I Fit Wellness Into My Life

I have five kids, run an online company, and own a working farm. Here's how I’ve learned to prioritize my wellness throughout my busy day.

Marika Lindholm, Ph.D.
February 8 2016

Immune-Boosting Marrow Broth!

Bone broth, or marrow broth, is often thought to be nothing more than a stock broth or just a warming fluid for those cold winter nights. The reality...

Tina Discepola, M.D.
May 15 2014

What Your Child’s Poop Says About Their Health: A Doctor Explains

As an integrative pediatric neurologist, I'm often the first doctor to ask parents about their child’s stool — and most are genuinely shocked to learn...

Maya Shetreat-Klein, M.D.
February 7 2016

Are You Eating Mindfully? 5 Ways To Make Your Meal An Experience

One of the most common problems that comes up when I talk with clients is that they're simply not enjoying food anymore. They’re either bored with...

Danielle Prestejohn
June 30 2013

Cameron Diaz On Her Secrets To Aging Well

Actress and best-selling author Cameron Diaz shares how she uses meditation, healthy cooking, and nature to feel great as she grows older.

Jason Wachob
April 11 2016

6 Truths That Empowered Me To Love Myself On MY Terms

"Sometimes self-love is saying no to others so you can say yes to yourself."

Shannon Kaiser
August 3 2017

Why Stress From Your Childhood Is Hurting Your Health Today + How To Heal

We’ve long known that suffering physical or sexual abuse in childhood negatively affects mental health for life. But recently, researchers have...

Donna Jackson Nakazawa
August 29 2015

I Gave Up Driving Three Years Ago. Here's How It's Changed My Life

Ever since first arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark, three years ago, I've been hooked on the city's thriving bicycle culture.

Sacha Stewart
October 21 2015

6 Ways to Turn a Crappy Day Around

While the heaviness of these days can feel all-consuming, there are some helpful ways to turn your day around, no matter how crappy it is.

August 13 2012