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Dry & Damaged Hair? Give These 8 At-Home, All-Natural Remedies A Try

Here's your all-inclusive guide to reversing dry, damaged hair with easy-to-do natural remedies you can do at home. 

Andrea Jordan
February 27

How Healthy Are Your Hair Follicles? Scientists Develop New Technique To Measure Hair Loss

It may be as easy as slipping on a helmet for a few minutes at your next checkup.

Jamie Schneider
October 31 2019

Don't Do It Yourself: 6 Beauty Projects Experts Say Never To Try At Home

It's time to flip the trend on its head: What should we *not* be doing at home right now?

Chemically Treated Hair? Yes, You Can Care For It Naturally

Just because you opt for a chemical process doesn't mean you have to put on more every single day.

Alexandra Engler
May 22 2019

If You Get Breakouts On Your Hairline, You May Be Doing This Wrong

We've heard of bad skin days; we've heard of bad hair days. How about bad scalp days?

So, Stress Really Can Turn Your Hair Gray & Scientists Now Understand Why

Harvard scientists set out to confirm whether stress can really wipe the color from your hair and found that it can—here's how.

Eliza Sullivan
January 22

Healthier Hair ASAP: The 7 Best Natural Hair Masks

Bring on the glossy strands—these are your best bets.

Alexandra Engler
August 4 2019

The Healthy Hair Care Step Most Of Us Aren't Doing

Rethink the way you wash your hair.

June 26 2019

Why Am I Shedding So Much Hair? These 4 Reasons Might Explain It

We shed about 50 to 100 hairs on average each day. If you're shedding more, or if your hair has stopped growing in places altogether, keep reading.

Krista Soriano
December 5 2019

Meet 3 Women Who Are Shaping The World Of Inclusive Beauty

A More Inclusive Beauty World Is Upon Us. Meet 3 Change-Makers To Know

July 19 2019

This Report Reveals The Dangers Of Formaldehyde. Here's How To Avoid It

The bad news? It's likely in your home. The good news? You can do something about it.

Liz Moody
July 7 2018