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Dollar General Set To Roll Out More Fresh Produce & Healthier Options

Dollar General plans to add fresh produce to more stores in 2020.

Eliza Sullivan
December 7 2019

8 Reasons You Should Eat Chaga Mushroom

It's is the heavyweight champion of all antioxidants.

Polly Noble
January 20 2012

7 Mantras To Help You Out Of Any Rut

I spent eight years climbing the corporate ladder, working in advertising as a senior art director on huge accounts like Frito-Lay, Coca Cola and...

Shannon Kaiser
April 19 2013

Eat This One Food To Get Rid Of Brain Fog

It also helps get rid of migraines and improves cognitive performance!

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
March 10 2017

Two-Thirds Of The Time Sexts Aren't Actually Sexual, Study Finds

A newly released study found two-thirds of people who sext are actually doing it for non-sexual reasons.

Sarah Regan
December 1 2019

The One Food Meghan Markle Gave Up For Glowing Skin

You'll also want to steal her (mbg doctor approved!) go-to breakfast.

Liz Moody
December 7 2017

5 Kid-Friendly Ayurvedic Practices For A Healthy Summer

While summer is often filled with fun and leisure for kids, it can also be a time for indulgence in junk foods, TV and late nights. Thankfully, there...

This Is How Overeating Damages The Brain, According To A New Study

New study by the Radiological Society of North America shows shows how overeating can damage regions of the brain by producing chronic...

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
November 27 2019

Too Anxious To Meditate? Remember These 4 Tips

Telling your mind to stop thinking is like telling your heart to stop beating. You will have thoughts while you meditate, and that is OK.

Emily Fletcher
May 27 2016

Fear Peanuts No More: Scientists Find New Food Allergy Treatment

Researchers found a safe, effective and rapid food allergy treatment.

Abby Moore
November 25 2019

Do You Really 'Use It Or Lose It' When It Comes To Building Muscle? New Study Provides A Clue

For years, we've believed in the mantra 'use it or lose it'—here's why that's wrong.

Elizabeth Gerson
January 25 2019

7 Things You Need To Know Today (November 1)

All the wellness news you need to know today including the truth about egg whites, the scoop on male birth control, and research on microsleep.

Leigh Weingus
November 1 2016

Zonulin Blockers: Could They Be The Answer To Gluten Sensitivity?

When I was training to be a cardiologist, I didn't hear much about celiac disease, wheat, or gluten. They were not standard lecture topics, and I...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
September 4 2013

Want To Start A Health Revolution? Begin In Your Kitchen

People sometimes ask me how to take on the multi-trillion dollar food industry and send a message that we’re tired of the sugary, processed,...

Mark Hyman, M.D.
July 13 2015