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How To Improve Your Digestion: 7 Easy Ways To Feel Better Today

Have you ever felt “off” but couldn’t quite put your finger on why? Maybe you're tired and irritable, or you just don't feel 100 percent. If you...

Kelli Michele
September 1 2015

The Secret To This Instagram-Ready Home Costs Less Than $20 On Amazon

This house feels like the inside of a disco ball in the best way possible.

Emma Loewe
July 12 2018

Deliciously Ella On Following Your Passion + Healing With Food

Fellow avocado lover Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella talks "Wellth."

Jason Wachob
April 8 2016

This Report Reveals The Dangers Of Formaldehyde. Here's How To Avoid It

The bad news? It's likely in your home. The good news? You can do something about it.

Liz Moody
July 7 2018

5 Kitchen Staples Everyone Should Have

Every healthy kitchen should always have these essential items on hand.

Tara Milhem
July 13 2012

7 Things You Need To Know Today (February 9)

All the wellness news you need to know today including the most common time to have sex and where in the U.S. to move if you want to avoid allergies.

Allison Daniels
February 9 2017

Ayurvedic Soup To Boost Your Metabolism + Calm Inflammation

This detoxifying lentil soup is packed with nourishing spices like turmeric, cumin, fennel, and ginger (and it's delicious, too).

Acharya Shunya
February 7 2017

3 Springtime Vinaigrettes To Hug Your Greens

There's nothing quite like a beautifully emulsified vinaigrette to gently hug your greens … just enough to enhance their natural goodness and leave...

Silvia Bianco
March 24 2014

9 Truths I Learned From A Year Living Off The Grid

Used to a reasonably quiet, independent life, living, working and socializing with up to 30 others most days taught me a few things about who I was …...

Mark Charlton
May 22 2015

No Coffee? No Problem. Here Are Three Delicious Morning Alternatives

Coffee alternatives that are healthy, plant-based, and dairy-free...yes, please!

June 29 2018

How Detroit Is Making A Name For Itself As A Wellness Destination

I can truly say that today, the spirit and pride in Detroit has never been higher. The greater Detroit area is tailor-made to be a wellness mecca,...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
December 2 2016