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This Smoothie Bowl Has An Unexpected Gut-Healing Ingredient

You'll get your veggies and fruit all at once!

Caroline Muggia
April 6 2019

The Best Inflammation-Fighting Recipes Of 2017

From a cooking oil that will make everything you eat anti-inflammatory to our health editor's go-to smoothie.

Liz Moody
December 16 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Making Healthy Smoothies For Any Season

These healing drinks belong in your daily diet. Here's how to make them.

Marie Reginato
November 29 2017

10 Anti-Inflammatory Delicious Juice & Smoothie Recipes

10 anti-inflammation delicious juice & smoothie recipes full of antioxidants.

Jackie Rizzo-Malzone
October 21 2019
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Can A Single Smoothie Do The Work Of 14 Superfoods?

The one & done way to make the tastiest superfood smoothie

July 23 2018