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How To Balance Your Chakras With Ritual Bathing

Your holistic regimen is about to reach new heights.

Debra Haugen
May 6 2016

No Matter Where You Go, You Can't Get Away From Yourself

When I was 19, I hopped aboard a plane to Cork, Ireland. I had no job lined up for me when I arrived, no permanent residence, and no contacts. It was...

Brigit Callaghan Stacey
February 21 2014

An Anti-Inflammatory Aloe Vera Smoothie To Help You Detox

Don't be intimidated by this spiny, gigantic, prehistoric-looking leaf that seems more at home in the dry desert than on your supermarket shelf. Go...

Shannon Vaughn
April 6 2015

7 Things Everyone Should Know About The Elimination Diet + How It Can Help You Heal

This protocol helped me uncover hidden food intolerances, overcome chronic fatigue, heal my gut, and improve my digestive and skin problems. But in my...

7 Myths & Misconceptions About Medical Marijuana

Ever wonder what we're still getting wrong about cannabis?

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
April 20 2018

Are You Missing This Essential Fertility Nutrient?

As a hormone expert and health coach, I find that many women—even the most well-informed health junkies—often don't know they’re lacking an essential...

Alisa Vitti
April 27 2016

The World As We Know It Is Ending

A few weeks ago, I was listening to astrologer Ophira Edut describe the difference between the world as we know it in 3D and the world that is opening...

Hayley Hobson
January 8 2013

The Best Plants To Detox The Air In Your Home

There are many benefits to having plants in our home and office environments.

Summer Rayne Oakes
August 2 2013

9 Lifestyle Changes I Always Recommend To Patients With Autoimmune Diseases

Identifying and eliminating the root cause of autoimmune diseases requires detective work, trial and error, and patience—but the results are worth it....

Mark Hyman, M.D.
April 25 2016

If Your Home Doesn't Have These 5 Things, It's Time For A Redesign

Your home environment doesn’t merely surround you—it sustains you. And when designed consciously, it has the capacity to elevate your life.

Magalie René
April 13 2018