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How Meditation Saved The Thai Soccer Team Trapped In A Cave

Meditation here to save the day, quite literally.

Krysten Peck
July 12 2018

How Eliminating Sugar From My Diet Eased My Acne Long-Term

I had tried everything, and was exhausting all my skin care options. Then, I found what was triggering my skin woes.

Anjali Lobo
October 30 2015

How To Expand Your Spiritual Practice WAY Beyond Meditation

Meditation is almost quieting the mind; this is about letting it scream.

Alexandra Roxo
September 22 2017

Heart Month: 3 Reasons Millennials Should Give A F*ck

A cardiologist explains how the habits you create in your 20s and 30s will help determine whether your arteries are clean or clogged a few decades...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
February 16 2016

10 Ways To Beat Chocolate Cravings (Yes, Really)

These 10 battle-tested strategies will help you crush cravings and avoid holiday weight gain.

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
October 25 2015

Traveling This Summer? 5 Tips To Keep You Hydrated

Drink up: These expert-approved tips make it effortless.

Alexandra Engler
June 13 2019

8 Common Mistakes Healthy People Make

My last post was about “healthy” habits that are harming you, so today I wanted to follow up on that concept by describing a few common mistakes that...

Nykki Hardin
October 2 2014

5 Lifestyle Secrets For Longevity & Vitality

As a preventive and lifestyle medicine physician and health coach, I truly believe that lifestyle IS medicine! As I work with patients and clients and...

Green Eggs, No Ham: 5 Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas For St. Patrick's Day & Beyond

Get your veggies in before balancing out those healthy choices with another “healthy” dose of stout.

Phoebe Lapine
March 17 2016

6 Secrets That Help My Clients Lose Weight

Surprisingly simple ways to help get the weight off.

Ronit Kalman, PhD
February 12 2016

What I've Learned 10 Years After Being In 'Super Size Me'

Super Size Me ignited a spark and brought awareness to a growing food movement.

Alexandra Jamieson
February 26 2014