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Dandelion Tea For Health & Healing

Sauté them, steam them or make a batch of my dandelion tea, and introduce your body to the goodness of this powerful green.

Nikki Croes
May 29 2013

An Avocado Toast That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Whole wheat toast with avocado and drumroll, please ... GHEE.

Sherin Bual
October 9 2013

7 Tips To Get Energized When You're Totally Spent

A healthier, more energized and better feeling you is only seven easy steps away! Here are some tips that yield immediate results as soon as you start...

Tiffany Boutwell
May 1 2014

Read This If You're Treating Your Body & Soul Like A Trash Can

If you feel like crap, no amount of downward dog or vegetables will help you feel more peace.

Shannon Kaiser
January 20 2013

Why Alternative Medicine Just Isn't Enough Sometimes

A few days ago, a dear friend and herbal medicine colleague of mine died. She was one of the most dedicated students in my herbal program, the one who...

Melanie St. Ours
November 4 2013

The Reason Most Couples Stop Enjoying Sex (And How To Heighten Your Capacity For Pleasure)

"Orgasms are wonderful, but in truth, our fixation on them keeps our sex lives from becoming extraordinary."

Bez Stone
September 28 2017

10 Healthy & Satisfying Alternatives To Granola

It's unfortunate to realize that granola is usually cooked in oil and coated in sugar or syrup, making it one of the least healthy breakfast choices...

Julien Elizabeth
March 31 2015

7 Reasons To Modify Your Yoga Practice With Props

Seven reasons to turn your physical practice of YOGA into YOGAtherapy.

Rana Waxman
June 2 2013

The ONLY Ways To Deal With Relationship Conflicts In A Healthy Way

Conflict! The very word often brings up fear. Yet all relationships have it. It's not the conflicts themselves that cause problems in relationships —...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
October 19 2014

9 Ways To Become A Better, More Positive You

Our lives are often filled with challenges, which can sometimes make it very difficult to be positive. However, I know that choosing to be positive...

Belinda Anderson
December 8 2013

What I Tell All My Patients About Losing Weight & Getting Healthy

After working with thousands of clients, I've found these seven strategies help lose weight and reduce your risk for diabesity.

Mark Hyman, M.D.
March 29 2015

Gluten-Free Recipe: The Ultimate Kale Salad

I started my gluten-free, dairy-free diet due to some health issues, and I must say, I've never felt so good in my 38 years.

Amal Madih
May 22 2013

5 Ways Your Home Can Reveal Your Emotions

In the same way our body sends us messages, our home does the same.

Tisha Morris
December 6 2013