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Found: The Best Anti-Inflammatory Make-Ahead Work Lunches

What the country's top health experts actually pack for themselves.

Liz Moody
March 17 2019

A Simple Breathing Exercise To Give You More Energy

If I told you all you have to do to make a major difference in your health was to breathe differently, would you do it?

Michael Rothermel
May 8 2015

Is Vaping CBD Safe? Our Experts Weigh In

Four cannabis-savvy health experts weight in on the safety of vaping CBD. 


3 Mental Tricks That Helped During My 150-Pound Weight-Loss Journey

Going on yet another diet can feel exciting at first, but it only takes a few weeks to feel overwhelmed.

Naomi Teeter
February 3 2016

So You're Going Gluten-Free … Here's How To Eat

Several years ago, I watched a friend of mine attempt to go gluten free. She'd read it was good for her and that she might shed a few pounds. She'd...

Raw Carrot Cake With Macadamia Frosting

This carrot cake is amazingly tasty (especially with the macadamia frosting) and you will not believe that is healthy, gluten free, dairy free and...

Vanessa Vickery
July 29 2014

4 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Using Less Plastic

Because it's about time we all gave the stuff up.

Emma Loewe
February 20 2019

Give Your Smoothie An Extra Nutritional Kick With This Easy Addition

The biggest reason I hear from my clients about why they don't eat breakfast is that they just don't have time. I get it! Fortunately, with a blender,...